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The Health News

After several days of negotiations and after some confusion, the National Union of insurance funds diseases, three unions of doctors (MG France, CRIDDLE000, SML) representing General and specialist physicians and the National Union of the complementary health insurance agencies have signed an agreement to better frame the exceedances of fees. Health Minister welcomes the agreement […]

The words that remain on the tip of the tongue

Nothing more annoying than a word which is hung on the tip of the tongue. It is all about in a corner of our head and yet it does not not out. We remember its meaning, its form General and even sometimes terms like him. And yet, nothing has. American psychologists today provide an explanation […]

The Health News

For treating pediatric cancers, girls receive a chest radiotherapy. Essential element of support, this technique exposed however to an increased risk of developing breast cancer later. This driving would be comparable to that of women with genetic predispositions to disease. The results of this study presented to the US Congress of cancer advocates early screening. […]