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After several days of negotiations and after some confusion, the National Union of insurance funds diseases, three unions of doctors (MG France, CRIDDLE000, SML) representing General and specialist physicians and the National Union of the complementary health insurance agencies have signed an agreement to better frame the exceedances of fees.

Health Minister welcomes the agreement on access to care and the limitation of missed fees. In practical terms, what does the agreement signed yesterday? Doctissimo presents the main points of this text.

The Health News

The establishment of a procedure of sanctions of expediences of abusive fees: among other criteria, the ceiling of 70 euros, or 2.5 times the rate of social security, non-specific areas, will help to initiate action. Continue reading “The Health News”

The words that remain on the tip of the tongue

Nothing more annoying than a word which is hung on the tip of the tongue. It is all about in a corner of our head and yet it does not not out. We remember its meaning, its form General and even sometimes terms like him. And yet, nothing has. American psychologists today provide an explanation for this curious phenomenon. To prevent these memory holes, it appears that as the form, the word speaks with a bit of exercise.

It is hardly pleasant to decide a known Word and while particularly when this occurs in a lively conversation or during a working meeting. Frustrating and even embarrassing! Therefore, the terms lost in our memory top point interested psychologists and linguists. Scientists usually consider that this block resulted from a defect of transmission between the intellectual areas of the brain the idea of the word and those who are responsible more prosaically to find the form.


Find good transmissions

Two American psychologists, Lori e. James of the University of California in Los Angeles and Deborah M. Burke of College Pomona come confirm this mechanism from two experiments. The first had 72 volunteers, consisting half of students and the rest of the elderly while the second included 36 participants of varying age. Continue reading “The words that remain on the tip of the tongue”

The Health News

For treating pediatric cancers, girls receive a chest radiotherapy. Essential element of support, this technique exposed however to an increased risk of developing breast cancer later. This driving would be comparable to that of women with genetic predispositions to disease. The results of this study presented to the US Congress of cancer advocates early screening.


Women who received radiation therapy to treat cancer in childhood should be screened for early breast cancer. Radiation therapy remains an essential element of support of many pediatric cancers. But this technique can increase the risk of developing breast cancer chest exposure. But in what proportion? Out the1 study presented at the American Congress on cancer ASCO 2012 sought to compare this risk to that related to genetic predispositions. We analyzed the data over 1 200 women who had chest radiation therapy to treat pediatric cancer. The risk associated with genetic predispositions (genes BRCA1/BRCA2 alterations) was evaluated on the study WECARE including 4 570 women with a relative of first degree of breast cancer and who was in life a year after diagnosis.

The Health News

For those having a pediatric cancer, close to a woman aged 50 years on 4 (24%) had breast cancer. Among those treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the disease was almost one woman in three (30%), a risk the same as women with genetic predisposition BRCA1 (31%) – the risk associated with BRCA2 is estimated at 10%. In comparison, the risk to the general population of women 50 years of age is 4%. Continue reading “The Health News”