Youth cancer

Adolescents and young adults are of worse prognosis than those of children less than 15 years. Faced with this situation, the Cancer Plan 2009-2013 is committed on specific objectives. Dr. Nadège Corradini, Pediatric oncologist, presents the approach committed to Nantes with the support of the League against cancer.

In 1998, the first States-General of cancer patients and their families, organized by the League, had stressed the special place of older teens and young adult (AYA) in the care system, with notably a real difficulty of social and educational support, isolation in adult or pediatric medicine that goes up to a feeling of double exclusion… Today, the specificity of these cancers is better taken into account, including in the Plan Cancer 2009-2013.

youth cancer

Better to treat the cancers of adolescents and young adults
Cancer is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults (15-25 years), after road accidents and suicides. The prognosis of these cancers is significantly worse than among children under 15 years for most tumors and their support proves to be very heterogeneous. How to explain this worse prognosis? “Today, their support is very heterogeneous. There is also a low rate of inclusion of these age groups in clinical trials and little identified care. Finally, the treatments are often less well followed at this age,”said Dr. Nadège Corradini, specialist paediatrician in Oncology. Continue reading “Youth cancer”