Do not be fooled with health insurance


People who already have health insurance should not allow automatic renewal without finding out what it will cost that policy in 2017 and whether they will have the same benefits. It may be that the insurance you bought last year will no longer be the cheapest or have the same coverage from January. There are unscrupulous insurance agents who are calling people to renew or sell a health insurance without clarifying the policy rises in price in January. Nor they say the plan changed and the deductible, for example, is higher, or that the insured will pay more copayment.


In the state of Florida, there are insurers who were promoted last year with the cheapest coverage. But now, by 2017, their premiums which the insured pays for month- are more expensive. Other companies changed or eliminated their plans or are no longer in the market, and consumers do not know. Before choosing or renewing health insurance, it is important to learn and ask asked what the hospitals where they will be able to assist you are. Compare quality. Continue reading “Do not be fooled with health insurance”

How to apply for low income dental care

The low-income residents of Sacramento, California who need dental care may qualify for Denti-Cal insurance program through Medicaid , Medi-Cal in California. To find out if you are eligible, you must submit a request to the Department of Human Assistance Sacramento County. If you are approved for benefits, you can receive dental services at low or no cost, depending on your financial situation.


Get an application for Medi-Cal website of the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), or call the Department of Human Assistance Sacramento County to request that you send a request .

low income dental care

Fill in the form of application for Medi-Cal. When you apply for benefits, you are asking for all kinds of health care services, including dental care, there is no request for other Denti-Cal. If you need help completing the form, call the Department of Human Assistance. Continue reading “How to apply for low income dental care”