Expected monthly weight loss with gastric sleeve

The procedure is the gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss corrects serious obesity problems. The surgeon removes a portion of the patient’s stomach to create a smaller stomach shaped banana, explains the University of California San Diego Health System . Some professionals use a stapling procedure to create a smaller stomach. This surgery is often the first step in a two step procedure for very obese patients, who then are fitted with a gastric band. The individual weight loss after surgery depends on variables such as metabolism, diet and physical activity level him.

monthly weight loss

Gastric sleeve and other procedures for weight loss
The gastric sleeve procedure has some benefits in terms of power and weight over other procedures such as gastric banding. Patients with gastric sleeve intolerance do not experience food as often happens with gastric banding patients. The process of the gastric sleeve, unlike the gastric bypass unchanged normal digestion and absorption of nutrients and calories. The gastric sleeve patients lose weight faster than the lap band. Compared to the gastric bypass procedure, the weight loss is almost equal to that of patients with gastric magna; however, surgical risks are higher with bypass. Gastric sleeve surgery is a new procedure with less research and other information such as gastric bypass procedures that have been used for some time. Continue reading “Expected monthly weight loss with gastric sleeve”