Health on a plate

Iron is a mineral essential to the proper functioning of the body. It has a fundamental role in the formation of hemoglobin contained in red blood cells, in the constitution of Myoglobin in muscles and in that of many enzymes indispensable to the functioning of the body.

Iron is present in very small quantities in the body. A part of this railway is eliminated every day. Maintain a sufficient amount of iron, to replace the loss by dietary intakes. If inputs are insufficient compared with the losses, he moved an imbalance with iron deficiency that has consequences on health.


The risk of iron deficiency

Iron deficiency results in anemia, accompanied by a reduction in the physical and intellectual capacity, decreased resistance to infections and pregnancy to an increased risk of small birth weight, morbidity and mortality in infants. In many developing countries, iron deficiency anemia is a serious public health problem that affects half of the women and children in some cases. Continue reading “Health on a plate”