Facial Care yogurt masks

Whether they suffer from acne, or because you have dry skin, dull or fat yogurt mask is a good way to treat your face. Yogurt is effective in cleaning and disinfection of the pores, preventing acne, skin moisturizing and revitalizing texture.

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When choosing the ingredients in your mask facial, choose plain yogurt. The varieties of fruit have too much sugar and other ingredients that are not beneficial for the skin. If your skin tends to be particularly dry, the lipid content in full fat, yogurt or whole, can provide needed moisture. If your skin is oily, use yogurt. Choose organic yogurt (available in health food stores) if you prefer to avoid hormonal residues and pesticides in non-organic dairy products. Furthermore, organic yogurt contains more amount of live active cultures, which enhance the bio availability of nutrients yogurt. Continue reading “Facial Care yogurt masks”