Digestive ostomies and everyday life

About 100,000 people are bearers of a digestive Ostomy or “artificial anus” in France, largely following surgery for colorectal cancer. What are the indications and the daily lives of Ostomy patients? Reply with Daniele Chaumier of the Hopital Tenon in Paris.

Danièle Chaumier is an enterostoma-therapist (and), a registered nurse of State (IDE) specialized in stomatherapy, i.e., in care and the overall management of patients with Stoma (Ostomates). She has long been involved in the research and teaching of the stomatherapy. Chair of the A.F.. and member of the Scientific Committee of the 42nd Congress of the ECT (European Council of Enterostomal Therapy) held in Paris, from 23 to 26 June 2013, she meets Doctissimo issues on this topic.

everyday life

Doctissimo: In what circumstances is a digestive stoma necessary?
Daniele HO: The majority of Ostomy are carried out as part of a cancer of the colon or rectum. The other main indications are inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease and colitis ulcero-haemorrhagic recto).
Temporary ostomies are carried out in two cases that surgery has been programmed: Continue reading “Digestive ostomies and everyday life”