Ideas on how to make facial masks

A long bath with a good book can help you release stress from your life , but nothing seems to make your skin feel as good as when using a face mask. The good thing about making your own facial mask at home is that you can build with natural products instead of synthetic masks purchased, which may contain various amounts of chemicals. Make a mask in about 5 minutes, then sit back and relax.

Moisturizing Mask
If you have dry skin or a rough texture on your face, maybe you can benefit from a moisturizing mask. To make this mask, mix the following ingredients in a bowl until you have a texture paste 6 teaspoons apricot oil, 2 drops 100% essential oil of frankincense, rose and orange blossom, followed by a teaspoon of warm honey melted, can be done in the microwave, and finally ground almonds. Use as many tablespoons almonds want to make more or less gritty mask. If the oil is not damask available , you can substitute oil seeds of grapes or sweet almond oil. Once your mask is completely mixed, apply it on your face. You can rub gently to work the ground almonds into your skin. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


 facial masks

Mask anti-aging
Create a mask anti age , much the same way you think moisturizing mask, mixing the ingredients until it becomes a paste. Une in a bowl 6 tablespoons evening primrose oil, melted 1 teaspoon honey, two drops 100% essential oil of orange blossom, tangerine and orange, and about 2 teaspoons of finely ground almonds. Once mixed, this mask can be applied and can be left on the skin for 20 to 25 minutes before being rinsed with warm water. Continue reading “Ideas on how to make facial masks”

The specificity of dry skin We know, dry skin lacks lipids, but not only. To determine your skin type and twist the neck to popular belief, discover the tips Doctissimo.

It is important to distinguish pathological dry skin and dry skin physiology. The latter, constitutive and genetic, may also be related to climate or some diet. Dry skin for all skin tones and is found on all continents. And winter, between 30 and 40% of women suffer from dry skin.

Dry skin is primarily a skin overdue, which feels, shoots and is uncomfortable. It tends to look dull and sad. It is rough to the touch, may have scaly, whitish streaks on the surface and even areas of redness, which translate well linflammation lirritation and characteristics of this skin type.

Dry Skin

And contrary to what one might expect, young women under 20 years (usually more often victims of acne and sebum dexces) can be confronted. Continue reading “The specificity of dry skin We know, dry skin lacks lipids, but not only. To determine your skin type and twist the neck to popular belief, discover the tips Doctissimo.”

Dry skin, the right moves

Dry skin, unlike a normal skin has lost its flexibility and softness. It can also become dull and rough and be tight and will tend to blush. To fight against these inconveniences, daily hydration is essential.

It is important to differentiate dry skin of dehydrated skin. The first lack of lipids when the second lack of water. There are two distinct issues even if a dry skin lacking mostly water, because the lipid barrier is thinner, it does not retain water.

Dry skin

Moreover, there are two types of dry skin:

Dry skin disease called (they include atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis). They require medical monitoring;
Dry skin comfort. The visit to the dermatologist is not a necessity;
Simple steps to be taken daily to help reduce the disadvantages of the latter type of dry skin. Continue reading “Dry skin, the right moves”