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Ideas on how to make facial masks

A long bath with a good book can help you release stress from your life , but nothing seems to make your skin feel as good as when using a face mask. The good thing about making your own facial mask at home is that you can build with natural products instead of synthetic masks […]

The specificity of dry skin We know, dry skin lacks lipids, but not only. To determine your skin type and twist the neck to popular belief, discover the tips Doctissimo.

It is important to distinguish pathological dry skin and dry skin physiology. The latter, constitutive and genetic, may also be related to climate or some diet. Dry skin for all skin tones and is found on all continents. And winter, between 30 and 40% of women suffer from dry skin. Dry skin is primarily a […]

Dry skin, the right moves

Dry skin, unlike a normal skin has lost its flexibility and softness. It can also become dull and rough and be tight and will tend to blush. To fight against these inconveniences, daily hydration is essential. It is important to differentiate dry skin of dehydrated skin. The first lack of lipids when the second lack […]