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Phthalates: 4 drugs under supervision

The National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM) imposes precautions of employment for four drugs containing phthalates in quantities exceeding the thresholds recommended in Europe. The European Agency of the drug (EMA) recently published draft recommendations to guide the use of phthalates as excipients in drugs. But in the meantime the replacement of phthalates […]

Male depression: a poorly ignored

Men, it will not do the Blues! How many of us have this type of received ideas? However, they are also affected by this evil being. Wrong diagnosis, denial of the problem… this disorder is underestimated in the male population. What prevents a good support? Update on the reasons for this assessment. Depression masculine According […]

Influenza, how to reduce fever in children?

The flu epidemic is and as every year, it tackles first fragile… If there is no miracle cure to escape, drugs to overcome the most bothersome symptoms, especially fever. Course with your child. Chills, aches, throat made, difficulties in respirer…et a strong fever, your child, as thousands of others could escape the flu. How to […]

Towards a more effective vaccine against tuberculosis

Of French and Italian researchers have developed an effective protection against the bacterium that causes tuberculosis in mice. Although results are preliminary, they raise the hope of tomorrow to have a more effective vaccine against the disease responsible for death of 1.5 million per year. 80% of TB patients live in sub-Saharan Africa. The limitations […]