Phthalates: 4 drugs under supervision

The National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM) imposes precautions of employment for four drugs containing phthalates in quantities exceeding the thresholds recommended in Europe.

The European Agency of the drug (EMA) recently published draft recommendations to guide the use of phthalates as excipients in drugs. But in the meantime the replacement of phthalates in these pharmaceutical specialties, and as a precautionary measure, the National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM) recommends that health professionals limit the dose and duration of treatment of the medicinal products concerned and to advise against use in children and pregnant or lactating.

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3 toxic phthalates to humans
Pushing its investigations, the ANSM has identified the presence of phthalates in about 150 drugs. “These compounds are particularly used for the coating of tablets and especially for tablets with active ingredient must be released gradually explains the ANSM. Continue reading “Phthalates: 4 drugs under supervision”

Peak flow meters

For asthmatics, measurement of expiratory flow to follow the progression of the disease. This tracking is an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment and a means of predicting the occurrence of crises. Find out with Doctissimo everything you need to know on this device that has no shortage of breath.

According to Dr. Jean-Fran├žois Dessanges Cochin Hospital, “all doctors should systematically practice the measurement of peak expiratory flow in all patients as easily taken the voltage.” But this screening exercise is not yet widespread.

Peak flow meters

Who should use this test?
Les debitmetres de pointe. These devices are intended for all adult asthmatics or children from the age of five years. Below this age, the extent of the breath is hard to impose. It is particularly recommended for severe asthma. It allows to evaluate the effectiveness of drug treatment. Continue reading “Peak flow meters”

Parkinson’s disease: healing the body and mind

In addition to the new extended-release drug treatment, research focuses on the psycho-social aspects of Parkinson’s disease. An important to lift the veil on many prejudices and allow patients to exonerate it.

A man aged 45 has fixed lines and walk “weird.” There is, however, neither depressed nor under the influence of alcohol. It is parkinsonism. Besides tremors (2/3 of people with Parkinson’s do not shake) the misconceptions about the disease are numerous. Fortunately, management becomes increasingly global and psycho-social consequences begin to be taken into account.

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Parkinson take charge of the body and mind
The doctors are considering the establishment of an announcement protocol, so that the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is not mentioned too abruptly. “It usually takes a year to integrate the new. Ago phases of denial, rejection and many people who try to hide as long as possible Parkinson their families. A counseling is recommended to help live well every day, “said Dr. Thierry Hergueta, a psychologist at the Pitie Salpetriere hospital in Paris. Continue reading “Parkinson’s disease: healing the body and mind”

Stroke: a cascade of events

130 000 vascular accidents (CVAS) are registered each year in France. A quarter of people die. In the majority of cases, others keep more or less important sequelae or even more or less final!

Lesions obviously depend on the brain reached territory and the importance and type of circulatory arrest.

a cascade of events

Various consequences
They can touch the motor unit and leave half paralyzed body (hemiplegia), reach the sensory apparatus and create or edit, or make disappear the spatiotemporal cues or Finally, focus on language, reading or writing problems. Continue reading “Stroke: a cascade of events”

An antidepressant to the test

A German study attributed to St. John’s wort extract similar efficacy to the drug treatment of light depressions. Used in herbal medicine, this plant is available in pharmacies and in some stores in Dietetics. While this product is the object of a growing media coverage, fact Doctissimo point on its possible effectiveness and risks associated with its use.

Once the festivities ended, blues early in the year is in full swing and could encourage people to move to St. John’s wort. Until now his growing media coverage for the treatment of disorders of mood was accompanied by no evidence of its therapeutic effectiveness. A recent German study1 published in the prestigious journal The British Medical Journal compares Hypericum extract to imipramine, a drug commonly used in the treatment of depression.

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Demonstrated effectiveness

Most of the studies on St. John’s wort remained the subject of controversy. Among the most serious analysis2 dating to 1996 conduct on more than 1,700 patients had found a higher than placebo effectiveness of St. John’s wort. The next step naturally was to compare the effectiveness of St. John’s wort to a classic antidepressant. It is this that has just completed the team of Helmut Woelk of the University of Giessen and the results are surprising. After six weeks of treatment on 324 patients, researchers concluded that hypericum is also effective and better tolerated than imipramine in the treatment of mild and moderate depression. Continue reading “An antidepressant to the test”