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High risk Drug Combinations You'll want to Avoid

High risk Drug Combinations You’ll want to Avoid

To keep together with a several nagging health conditions you require a few servicing meds, and possibly even put some health supplements to fill out any health gaps. You might be the photo of well being right? Sadly even the particular healthiest among us seem to be able to forget in which mixing prescription drugs […]

Drug abuse intervention

Children are the forgotten drug? That was the theme of a symposium, organized by the national Union of the pharmaceutical industry on October 5, 2000. Unfortunately, it can only respond positively to this question. Because the inadequate packaging and medicines designed for adults today are the common lot of the majority of the young patients. […]

Depression after Prozac

Drug of the 1990s, Prozac ® has been dubbed “happy pill”. It is true that as antidepressant treatment is today one of the most prescribed in the world. Leader of a new class of antidepressants, Prozac ® has a great success with French practitioners. But it is now competed by other more recent molecules. Until […]