Predict and measure his asthma

The peak expiratory flow rate is a measure of the breath when air soon resumes bronchus. Simple, easy and fast, this measure is necessary to follow the evolution of the disease and adapt the treatment. Regular measurements can also predict a crisis.

The dynamics of the breath is an essential parameter in asthma because the reduction of the calibre of the bronchi characterizing the asthma attack must be quantifiable right away. The comparative measurement of respiratory volumes as well as respiratory force in crisis and in normal times is therefore a necessity for monitoring and the adaptation of an asthma treatment.

measure his asthma

Principle (e) t use on peak flow-meter
The peak expiratory flow (PEF) is a measure of the breath through the air flow that a subject is able to expel from his lungs as soon as possible during a forced expiration. In crisis, this throughput decreases significantly. Continue reading “Predict and measure his asthma”