Diet and cardiovascular disease

In France, cardiovascular problems are responsible for a third of the deaths. It is the leading cause of death in women and the second cause for men. However these death rates are the lowest in the European Union for reasons still not known. The food is certainly not foreign. It indeed plays a key role in the appearance of these cardiovascular problems.

Among the causes of cardiovascular diseases, the most important is atherosclerosis, degenerative phenomenon that reached the arteries by reducing their elasticity and creating a decrease, or a decision of the arterial flow.

cardiovascular disease

Many factors involved

This pathology that covers several diseases (ischemic heart disease, cardiovascular disease etc.) is the responsibility of multiple factors: genetic, nutritional, obesity, physical inactivity, tobacco, high blood pressure, diabetes. Among these causes, dietary factors have a very important place and their role in cardiovascular pathology is the subject of multiple research for 50 years to better prevent and control these diseases. Continue reading “Diet and cardiovascular disease”

Are you on a diet? Diet: some tips

The diet. Watch the eating habits of those who are around and you’ll notice that in this period tend to change. Those more and less, clearly. Less sugar in coffee, meals, small portions, less alcoholic … till real diets.

The warm period, the time when everyone would not have let go during the winter months, it is also the period of good resolutions, diets, inscriptions in the gym, long walks, hoping to burn those … Let’s say 3 chiletti too …

Diet of some tips

Spring/summer is the time when you feel more motivated, and often puts earnestly working to retrieve the form. Continue reading “Are you on a diet? Diet: some tips”

Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? So, maybe the problem is another: the head.

More and more nutritionists and doctors say that losing weight is not only a question of ‘physical’, but that weight loss also has a lot to do with our mood. If you want to get results, obviously not just take the stairs instead of daily or regularly attend an aerobics class.


To lose weight you must feel good. It seems a contradiction, because we often lose weight because we do not feel good, precisely because of those chalets too. But on the other hand this also shows just how closely the interaction between body and mind. Body and mind, inseparably linked. Continue reading “Losing weight”

Losing weight. Questions and Answers

Losing weight. That company. Especially when you do not know where to start. And especially when friends, dear friends and acquaintances to do to confuse us further ideas. Yet there are few rules to follow, not at all complicated, if you decided to cut a few inches on their waist, or legs. Here are 5 questions and 5 answers clear and direct. Then you will no more excuses…

Diet or exercise? Which one is more effective for weight loss?
The ideal would be to combine both. Reduce the calorie intake on the one hand, increase the consumption of the other, would be the winning combination. If you have to / want to make a choice: better diet. Eating too much thinking “so tomorrow I train …” never did anyone lose weight.

Losing weight.

What type of exercise is best for losing weight?
Definitely an aerobic exercise, like the jogging, stationary bike, step. Practiced regularly – at least 3-4 times a week with sessions of 30 minutes. The exercise with weights (anaerobic) can help to tone and firm, but not the most appropriate when it comes to burn excess fat. Continue reading “Losing weight. Questions and Answers”

Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends

How many how many fears, doubts, because we need advice when you start thinking about how to retrieve the physical form. Subscribe to the gym? And if ‘became big’? Put me on a diet? But if I put myself on a diet and I go to the gym I can eat more? And so on … To try to answer your questions we interviewed (and thank you very much for the lovely interview) Silvia Lagorio, National Fitness Manager at Virgin Active Italy (19 fitness centres in Italy). Here’s what we said about diets, workouts for weight loss, new trends in the field of aerobics, train your ABS, reduce your waistline …

The biggest fear for a girl who is thinking of enrolling in gym is “Oh I’ll do weights, I will become huge instead of lose weight …!”. Is a fear founded? A few years ago when it was still in vogue the culture of body building women’s image often associated with the human body builder was extremely muscolarizzata and has created the myth that the activity with the weights would “enlarge” women easily.

Weight loss

Now I would say that this fear is almost disappeared, replaced by a greater culture on the effects of an activity with the right body weight. She loves having the lean physique but should know that this is not enough to get the cardiovascular activity, even a toning is essential to accelerate metabolism and thus to increase the daily calorie expenditure, together with a balanced diet. Important also that both toning program following multiple repetitions series preferring to high loads. Continue reading “Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends”

Get fit for summer

Get fit for summer The summer is coming, whether you like it or not, and within a few weeks we will begin to worry about our fitness, as we in bikini, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

But it is never too late, and since now we still really enough time to get into shape, here’s a list of practical tips for who wants to get an appointment with the summer in form if not faultless, at least almost … uh …

Get fit for summer

At the table
• Try to focus on fruits and vegetables, white meat like chicken and lean products such as yogurt and milk carefully skimmed Continue reading “Get fit for summer”