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Allergy to the doctor’s Office testing

These methods have a real craze since fifteen years. Their safety, speed of the answers they provide, the possibility of multiplying them, make a precious auxiliary of allergic Diagnostics. What are they? The tests have to interest to simulate visibly, on the skin, the conflict generated by the allergic sensitization within the body.The tests come […]

Narcolepsy, sleep unpredictable those shots

Falling asleep in class can be a disease. A rare disease. Or maybe not because in fact misunderstood, sometimes unthinkable, “orphan” diagnosis.Not only in the classroom.During a conversation, while waiting for the bus, even at the dinner table between a bite. And what do you think of these unpredictable strokes of sleep. Don’t you think. […]


Only the study of cervical tissue sample of the uterus or endometrial allows a definitive diagnosis. 1.The diagnosis of endometrial cancer 2.The diagnosis of cancers of the cervix 3.Learn more about uterine cancer The diagnosis of endometrial cancer When symptoms suggest a suspected cancer of the endometrial, the doctor requested tests for confirmation. The diagnosis […]