Diabetes: the galloping epidemic!

Rampant obesity, sudden changes of eating habits, differences in access to care, poor follow-up of prescribed treatment, bad information, etc. Many factors explain the concern of doctors on the status of diabetes in the world. Yet, pragmatic and drug solutions exist!


Type 2 diabetes is a chronic, difficult to handle, hence the importance of a constant information of patients, but doctors also met in symposium at the Medec to the point on this condition.

the galloping epidemic!

Figures that scare
Worldwide, there are 150 million diabetics, they will be $ 300 million in 2025. In France, we will spend 2 to 3 million on the same period. Type 2 diabetes is responsible for in our country of 15% of the infarction, angioplasty and bypass surgery, 20% of kidney dialysis, 500 to 1,000 blindness a year, 8 500 amputations per year. Continue reading “Diabetes: the galloping epidemic!”

Diabetes: A child who drinks and urine much must consult

An increase in children, type 1 diabetes, formerly called insulin-dependent, is still often diagnosed too late, when the young patient suffers from a virus infection which can have fatal consequences. To sensitize parents to the urgency of the support, the diabetes child and Adolescent campaign was launched on 14 November 2010, World Diabetes Day.

Your child begins to drink heavily, while thirst seems satisfied? He often went to the bathroom and returned to pee “in bed”? Perhaps suffers from type 1 diabetes, as 15 000 other children less than 15 years. To remove this uncertainty, quickly see a doctor who will conduct a screening of sugar in his urine. With this simple test, you can avoid your child to the potentially serious complications.
15 000 young diabetics in France.


Of the child and the adolescent diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the cells β of the pancreas make more insulin. This lack of insulin causes the accumulation of sugar in the blood. Beyond a certain threshold, and in the absence of treatment, the hyperglycemia will cause the production of ketone bodies in the liver: this is what is called ketosis. It is manifested by the appearance of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Continue reading “Diabetes: A child who drinks and urine much must consult”

Diabetes: prevention through sport

Some lifestyle tips to prevent the complications of diabetes, or even to stop the onset of diabetes type 2 at a later stage.


In a century, our lifestyles have changed radically for the better but also for the worst… Industrialization is accompanied by his lot of stress, fast food and physical inactivity, which are risk factors in the development of diabetes type 2 and complications of diabetes type 1 and II.

prevention through sport

Diabetes and art of living in the new Millennium
Whether or not, you’re reached a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of onset of the disease or to limit complications. Depending on your state of health and the type of diabetes that affects you, medication (insulin, tablets, etc.) may be useful.

Any person with diabetes can now lead a normal life by managing in the best condition, with four points: a balanced diet, physical exercise, appropriate medical advice and better stress management. Continue reading “Diabetes: prevention through sport”