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Herbs that cure diabetes

There are many diseases and conditions that are debilitating and difficult to control. diabetes is a chronic disease requiring constant attention of insulin and the foods you eat. Among the many drugs and other alternative medicine, several herbs have been known to heal and help control diabetes and also have no side effects. Note that […]

Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes

Pregnancy requires a meal plan of 2,200 calories for a woman with diabetes . Be pre-existing or gestational diabetes during pregnancy can begin. If you have some form of this disease, your doctor will probably ask you to follow the meal plan of 2,200 calories, you control your blood sugar level regularly with a meter […]

The best nuts for diabetes

  Surprise that nuts are healthy for the heart, but also may serve to people with diabetes. Several research studies have shown that consuming tree nuts, along with other dietary changes, improves glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes. Eating nuts not only appears to improve blood sugar levels in people with type 2 […]

The peculiarities of child diabetes

The increase in the number of diabetics is all age classes. Contrary to belief, the young are not spared. During the past ten years, there are 75% more patients before the age of 4. Discover the essential childhood diabetes. The number of cases of diabetes type 1 (insulin-dependent diabetes) varies greatly in children from one […]

Diabetes: A child who drinks and urinates lots should consult

On the rise in children, type 1 diabetes, previously known as insulin-dependent diabetes, is still often diagnosed too late, when the young patient suffers from Ketoacidosis which can have fatal consequences. To educate parents about the urgency of the support, the campaign diabetes child and Adolescent is on November 14, 2010, at the World Diabetes […]

Spend to treat my pressure

The practice of physical activity is beneficial to combat hypertension… provided they comply with certain precautions. Discover them with the French Committee against high blood pressure (CFLHTA). Is the sport harmful for hypertensive patients? Can I start a sport despite my age? A bit of sport one twice a week, is it enough?… From a […]

Better manage his diabetes daily

Monitoring of blood glucose, special food, physical activity… To better manage his diabetes on a daily basis, the drugs are not sufficient. Head of the Department of diabetes to the CHU Grenoble, Pr Halimi returned on these boards and the difficulties to follow. Doctissimo: Is self-monitoring of blood glucose necessary for management of diabetes? PR. […]

Diabetes: live like everyone

Diabetes affects more than 2 million people in France. A more widespread illness, a disease including complications may be irreversible. To limit the risk of blindness, kidney disease, amputation, heart problems, one solution: assiduous monitoring of treatment. To achieve certain insulin-dependent persons have made the choice of pump insulin. Zoom on this unknown device which […]

When diabetes attack your libido!

Diabetes is a disease that may progress silently. Among its complications, erectile disorders may appear. Attention, these issues may be signs of alert. To prevent these risks and find a fulfilling sex life, talk to your doctor! Diabetes now affects nearly 3 million people in France and 189 million worldwide. Complications, erectile dysfunction are often […]

Diabetes by the numbers

Of type 1 or II, diabetes translated abnormal rise in the rate of glucose in the blood. This anomaly is due to a failure or a bad use of insulin. Diabetes is a serious disease which, without proper treatment, can be the cause of heart disease, blindness, of impotence and even amputations. Advertising In normal […]