How to apply for low income dental care

The low-income residents of Sacramento, California who need dental care may qualify for Denti-Cal insurance program through Medicaid , Medi-Cal in California. To find out if you are eligible, you must submit a request to the Department of Human Assistance Sacramento County. If you are approved for benefits, you can receive dental services at low or no cost, depending on your financial situation.


Get an application for Medi-Cal website of the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), or call the Department of Human Assistance Sacramento County to request that you send a request .

low income dental care

Fill in the form of application for Medi-Cal. When you apply for benefits, you are asking for all kinds of health care services, including dental care, there is no request for other Denti-Cal. If you need help completing the form, call the Department of Human Assistance. Continue reading “How to apply for low income dental care”

Malocclusion: attention to selective grinding

Bruxism, pain in the jaw or neck, or even migraine… these problems may be caused by dental malocclusion. Some dentists recommend then to perform a selective grinding of your teeth, others recommend different treatments. Some explanations before jump you in fatal dental care .

The equilibration of the occlusion is important for the statics of the whole body. It balances the occlusion of racehorses by selective grinding. A horse can win or lose a race depending on whether its occlusion has been well or poorly balanced. But what about men and women who have problems with occlusion? In what cases is the selective grinding recommended?

attention to selective grinding

Understand the selective grinding
This practice carried out by the dentist is to “file” part of the teeth that are in contact with each other in order to restore a harmonious occlusion and without pain. Grinding can be recommended when the points of contact of teeth cause an imbalance of the jaw and temporomandibular joints (specifically in the case of dental malocclusion). It is painstaking work that is done to the hundredth of a millimetre. Continue reading “Malocclusion: attention to selective grinding”