“Act quickly to the brain”

Each year, 150,000 French are affected by cerebral vascular accident (stroke). “Act quickly to the brain”, the slogan of the 2008 World Day intends to educate the public on the importance of managing the symptoms and the need to quickly call the 15!

The brain cardiovascular accidents are very common and they can have serious consequences. They must be supported as soon as possible. More reason to know and to detect early symptoms.

Act quickly to the brain

Stroke in figures
Stroke (also called stroke or brain attack) are very common. Each year, 150,000 people are affected. STROKE is the third cause of mortality, the leading cause of death in women and the leading cause of motor disability acquired adult. Currently, almost three quarters of patients keep sequelae and 20 to 30% of the victims are admitted to care and rehabilitation. In half of the cases, the dependency is a consequence of stroke. Continue reading ““Act quickly to the brain””