Battling colon cancer


During the past 30 years, Jeffrey Milsom, director of colon and rectal surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, has often been the bearer of bad news. The colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the US and the third most common in both men and women cancer. Each year, about 135,000 people in the United States are diagnosed, and more than 50,000 die. However, innovations in the detection, diagnosis and treatment have revolutionized the field and deaths from the disease have declined steadily.


As we age, most of us develop precancerous polyps and in fact, there is ample period of time-several years to remove a polyp and relieved. Unfortunately, people do not seek treatment in the early stages about 22 million people between 50 and 75 who should be screened do not. Continue reading “Battling colon cancer”

Cancer prevention and symptoms

Cancer prevention and symptoms

Colorectal cancer is originating in the rectum or colon. The colon, the last part of the large intestine and rectum are part of the digestive system according to the National Library of Medicine of the United States one of every 15 people suffering from colon cancer. In turn, the American Cancer Society about 100,000 projected new cases of this cancer will be diagnosed each year.

Cancer prevention and symptoms

According colon cancer progresses, we talk about the stages of this disease, which are classified from Stage I the most advanced to Stage IV them. It is extremely important that your doctor knows what stage is appropriate, so that you receive the correct treatment. The stages of colon cancer are: Continue reading “Cancer prevention and symptoms”

Cancer of the Lung in figures

Responsible for over 25,000 new cases each year in France, cancer of the bronchial tubes may be regarded as a major public health problem in our country. The most common cancer in humans, it represents in fact the leading cause of death by cancer in men and the third in women.


Not less than 27,000 deaths annually are attributable annually in France to lung cancer. Impressive figures, reminding that it is essential to develop means of prevention against this scourge by strengthening the fight against smoking. The France is also distinguished in no other developed in this area. Of public data on 16 September 2002 by the European society of respiratory diseases suggest that this cancer should remain the third cause of mortality in the old continent during the coming decades. Globally, this tumor also has a considerable impact (nearly one million deaths per year). Continue reading “Cancer of the Lung in figures”

Responsible for 90% of lung cancers

Tobacco is responsible, directly or indirectly, 60 000 deaths per year (twenty-five thousand for cancer). On average, a smoker live, on average, eight years less than someone who does not smoke.

Tobacco, irritating the Mucosa (lining) of the bronchi, promotes the occurrence of chronic bronchitis. It is a progressive obstruction of the bronchial tubes with hypersecretion. If you cough and you spit three months per year and, for two years, you have chronic bronchitis. These symptoms sometimes cause a relative gene. However, they show a partial destruction of your bronchial tissues. You should know that chronic bronchitis can be complicated and lead to respiratory failure. 15 to 40 000 deaths per year in France are due to this disease and its complications.

lung cancers

If you are a smoker, you can estimate your risk by calculating the number of packages-year (PA). It is the number of cigarettes smoked each day, multiplied by the number of years during which you smoked, divided by 20. For example, smoking 20 cigarettes a day for five years represents a consumption of 5 PA. 10 cigarettes a day for 20 years are 10 PA. People who smoked more than 20 PA will present in 50% of cases chronic bronchitis. Continue reading “Responsible for 90% of lung cancers”


In the coming months, 16 million insured from 50 to 74 years will receive a letter inviting them to an organized colorectal cancer screening. In France, it is the second leading cause of cancer death with approximately 17,000 deaths per year.

Colorectal cancer: 32nd most common cancer

Third that of cancer after prostate and breast cancer, colorectal cancer is common, but remains unknown in France. It contains two types of cancer neighbors, colon cancer and the rectum. In 2005, more than 37,000 new cases were detected. By comparison, 62,000 new cases of prostate cancer in men and 40,000 breast cancer in women were discovered in the same year. Since 2000, the mortality rate has decreased, but still 17,000 deaths have been recorded in 2005.Si the current campaign aims to inform the general population, it primarily targets the age group 50-74 years.


Indeed, 94% of cancers occur after age 50 . With advances in screening techniques, a 50% on this test would reduce the mortality rate of about 20%. Detected early, cervical cancer can indeed be cured in nine of ten cases. Today, only one in five cases detected at early stage of maladie.Les likelihood of developing the disease vary, again, depending on the individual, the risk is accentuated by family history. At age 55, incidence is rising faster among men than women: in 2000, the median age of diagnosis of colorectal cancer was 72 years for men and 75 for women. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to regularly monitoring, because the warning signs often remain invisible and early detection significantly increases the chances of survie.Du September 13 to October 14, 2008, the National Cancer Institute (Inca) launches television and radio campaign aimed at informing the public about this cancer that is often forgotten. Continue reading “COLORECTAL CANCER: THOSE 50 TO 74 YEARS INVITED TO SCREENING”