How to prepare facial masks for cleanse your face

Nearly all women wish to have the time and money to undergo treatment in a spa facial. Unfortunately, for most of us this is not an illusion. However, you can prepare an excellent cleansing facial mask at home for a fraction of what they charge at a spa. All you need are a few ingredients basic, many of whom find in your kitchen. Masks based avocado help moisturize dry skin, while those based on oats help cleanse oily skin.


Mask of avocado, cucumber and milk

Measure the ingredients . You’ll need one egg, two teaspoons of powdered milk, one cup of chopped avocado and a cup of chopped cucumber. Place all ingredients in blender or food processor. Blend the mixture to the consistency of a paste. If the paste is too thin and insipid, add milk powder.

facial masks for cleanse your face

Before applying the mask all over your face , place a small amount in a part of your body, under your chin or around your neck, to be sure that your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients . Wait about five minutes to make sure no itching or redness occurs. Continue reading “How to prepare facial masks for cleanse your face”