Asthma: contributing factors

Affecting 300 million people, asthma is the most common chronic disease in the world. But its origin remains partly mysterious. It is estimated today that this disease does not have a single cause but stems from several factors.

Genetic predisposition, allergies, respiratory infections, passive smoking… Discover the factors favouring the appearance of asthma.

child asthma

Genetic predisposition
Asthme facteurs favorisantsAsthma is related to hereditary factors, as sometimes evidenced by a large number of people within the same family. Studies on twins and sick families stressed a significant genetic influence in its development. Have a double asthmatic parent indeed the risk to suffer also. But it is impossible to say it is a hereditary disease, because there is no single gene responsible. In the context of this heterogeneous disease, the contribution of a single gene appears even minimal. Continue reading “Asthma: contributing factors”