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The algodystrophies

What is it? It is a bone disease causing mechanical pain and a non-homogeneous demineralization of the bones with trophic disorders (skin and dander: nails, hair). The dystrophy results from a disturbance vasomotor itself linked to a dysregulation of the autonomic sympathetic nervous system. The arterioles and capillaries system located in the os hangs in […]

The aortic aneurysm

What is it? It is localized aortic dilation. The aneurysm may sit on one of the five segments of the aorta: -The thoracic aorta: bottom-up part, horizontal portion, top-down portion; -The sus-renal abdominal aorta (above the start of the renal arteries); –Abdominal aortic aneurysm sous-renale (at the bottom of the departure of the renal arteries). […]