Meditation techniques of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, one of the best names in martial arts, was a staunch advocate of meditation. His philosophy of meditation, in his own words, was “Empty your mind, do not be so, have no body. Like water If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, if you put it in a bottle, becomes the bottle, if you put it in a teapot, teapot is. Water can flow and beat. Be water, my friend “. In kung fu , development is thought so important internal and external.
Meditation technique of Bruce Lee

Meditation technique
The meditation technique of Bruce Lee is known as qigong, chi kung also called, which turns on the concept of chi, which is believed to be the universal energy, or what Bruce Lee called “vital force.” In meditation, chi spans every part of the body through breathing exercises and slow, graceful movements that involve the whole body, thus to develop the inner strength and mental focus.


The most common meditation exercise is by respiration. Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on the chi. The process is done by inhaling and exhaling, and holding my breath. When you inhale, the language should be lifted to the upper palate, and when you exhale, the language should be in its normal position. First, you have to inhale and visualize the chi entering your head and down to below your navel, and then exhale while visualizing the chi increase in the navel area. It is an iterative process that’s been about 10 minutes a day to increase the “life force” in your mind and your body.


One of his meditation techniques is the “Circle of Fear”, in which you view one circle surrounding you, and the distance from the circle around you is the one with your leg when you give a side kick. This technique helps you to control your fear, because anything that matters to a person, a thing or a situation, while outside the circle, you are safe from it.

Why is it important
Meditation is important in martial arts because it helps improve personal discipline. Because it promotes self through intense concentration and the ability to listen to your inner self as you can see at once what is happening around you, it is considered very important and an instrument for great martial arts skills.


The qigong is also known to prevent and cure diseases, based on traditional Chinese beliefs. Additionally, this particular type of meditation helps reduce stress effectively, because it decreases the production of cortisol, the hormone that produces stress and lactate blood , which is responsible for feelings of anxiety.