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Cancer of the Lung in figures

Responsible for over 25,000 new cases each year in France, cancer of the bronchial tubes may be regarded as a major public health problem in our country. The most common cancer in humans, it represents in fact the leading cause of death by cancer in men and the third in women. Not less than 27,000 […]

Childhood cancer

Facing pediatric cancers, early detection and appropriate treatment are the main measures. Medical advances now allow to cure three children in four developed countries. Organized by the International Union against cancer (UICC), world day of cancer called 2006 ‘My child, my battle’ insists on the importance of equal access to care (14 projects will be […]

Cancer: how to limit the risks?

Cancer is the disease that makes the most fear, because nobody can feel safe. The most common cancers in women are breast (30%), uterus (12%) and ovaries (4%). More than anything, these cancers can be prevented through regular screening and lifestyle tips. In an Ifop survey published in November 2000, the cancer appeared as the […]

Breast cancer

Six years after its inception, the consultation of “diagnosis in 1 day” meeting a true success with women having a suspicion of breast cancer. According to a report presented by the Institut Gustave Roussy (Villejuif), this procedure has helped 75% of women considered to leave the same evening with a definite diagnosis. Organized on Mondays, […]

Move after a breast cancer!

Physical activity is beneficial against overweight and cardiovascular health. But it is also after a breast cancer, reducing the risk of recurrence. For sports practices of women cured of such cancer, the French mutuality and the French Association of the after breast (Afacs) launched the first national survey entitled “Move against breast cancer”. We know […]

Breast cancer: support plays for small step

The American Clinical Oncology Society (ASCO) Congress gathers each year leading cancer experts. Present in Chicago in July 2010, PR. Pierre Fumoleau, Director General of Centre of fight against the Cancer Georges-Fran├žois Leclerc (Dijon) presents the main advanced breast cancer. Doctissimo: Several studies presented at the 2010 Convention of the American Cancer Society are interested […]


In the coming months, 16 million insured from 50 to 74 years will receive a letter inviting them to an organized colorectal cancer screening. In France, it is the second leading cause of cancer death with approximately 17,000 deaths per year. Colorectal cancer: 32nd most common cancer Third that of cancer after prostate and breast […]


The screening program for colorectal cancer is for all people aged over 50 years. Diagnosed early, it can be cured in more than 9 out of 10. However, there are cases of inheriting the cancer colorectal requiring special care including a consultation with a geneticist. 1.The high incidence of colorectal cancer 2.Aggravating factors and protective […]