Foods that help prevent cancer

The cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide the main lung cancer liver stomach, colon and breast. About 30% of cancer deaths are due to preventable risk factors high body mass index, fruit and vegetable consumption deficit physical inactivity or lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

prevent cancer

Join a healthy diet rich in fiber integral waxes fruits and vegetables low in fat and with antioxidant properties that protect against cancer. The so-called liquid gold slows cell proliferation and causes changes in the tumor an ally to prevent cancer and slow its progress. Take 3-5 tablespoons each day best in extra virgin olive oil and oil. Continue reading “Foods that help prevent cancer”


Multiple myeloma or Kahler’s disease is a malignant bone tumor, bone cancer so … It originates from the bone marrow cells, which produce blood cells.

-Multiple myeloma, a bone cancer
-Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer
-How does one realize the diagnosis of multiple myeloma?
-The treatment of multiple myeloma


Multiple myeloma, a bone cancer

This disease is one of bone cancers. It is caused by a malignant proliferation of plasma cells (or plasma cells). Plasma cells are blood cells that specialize in the manufacture of antibodies. Produced in excess and abnormally shaped, they invade the bone marrow and tend to take the place of healthy blood cells. In parallel, plasma cells secrete substances that are gradually causing a destruction of bone tissue. For antibodies (proteins M), being produced by abnormal cells, they are ineffective, which increases the risk of infection. In addition, more difficult to remove, they tire more kidneys. Continue reading “MULTIPLE MYELOMA OR KAHLER’S DISEASE: BONE CANCER”


The osteosarcoma is the primary bone tumor most common. It usually affects young people and reached most often the knees, thighs and arms. Treatment of bone cancer that usually combines chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

-Osteosarcoma, a primary bone cancer
-The first signs of osteosarcoma
-Diagnosis and treatment of osteosarcoma


Osteosarcoma, a primary bone cancer

The osteosarcoma is one of the primary cancers of the bone, that is to say developed from bone cells, cartilage or fibrous tissue, as opposed to secondary cancers of the bone metastases that are of cancer in another organ. The osteosarcoma is primary bone cancer the most common, before the chondrosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma and multiple myeloma . Of unknown cause, osteosarcoma usually occurs in children and young adults, between 10 and 25 years. Continue reading “OSTEOSARCOMA: BONE CANCER”


Ewing sarcoma is a bone cancer. This cancer is serious, but the prognosis has been greatly improved thanks to treatment advances in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

-Ewing’s sarcoma: a primary bone cancer
-Bone cancer: what are the symptoms of Ewing’s sarcoma?
-Ewing sarcoma: sometimes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy but otherwise


Ewing’s sarcoma: a primary bone cancer

Ewing sarcoma is one of the primary tumors of bone, that is to say that cancer cells originate from bone, and that are not met static cancer located elsewhere in another organ. Ewing sarcoma is unique in touch more often men than women. It also develops mainly in children between 10 and 15 years , more rarely in young adults up to age 25. Cancer cells usually reach the long bones like the femur and tibia. Thus Ewing sarcoma most often for the arms and legs, even though this cancer can affect any bone. Continue reading “BONE CANCER, EWING’S SARCOMA”