The best breakfast foods for diabetics

Breakfast is imperative for diabetics. In addition to providing energy, a balanced breakfast also helps to balance blood glucose levels. Start with a solid glucose reading in blood makes it easier to maintain good levels throughout the day. The best foods for breakfast for diabetics are those that are high in lean protein and whole grains, as these types of foods are more filling and generally have a low glycemic index.

foods for diabetics


Lean Protein
Lean protein is an excellent fuel source for diabetics, especially early in the morning. The food filled with lean protein but not contain many carbohydrates that can shake the blood glucose levels. Although many foods for breakfast are high in protein, very few are suitable for a diabetic diet. The bacon, sausages and eggs fried in butter, for example, contain too much fat to be nutritionally sound. Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt or wrongly are excellent sources of lean protein for diabetics, like boiled or scrambled eggs. The lean ham or turkey can be added to scrambled eggs or omelette. Continue reading “The best breakfast foods for diabetics”

To successfully lose weight, you better be well followed in the medical

Losing weight is not easy and not always without risk. So better go see a serious practitioner to be well supported in the medical field. It will help you establish an effective plan of action for achieving your goals. In terms of overweight, as to leave nothing to chance!

In our society, thinness is the ideal rule. The definition of overweight is still very different for health professionals from the magazines. To your doctor if you are overweight your body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25 ( Calculate your body mass index ). Go see a doctor you will appreciate to its proper level the importance of your overweight. Your doctor may also take into account other clinical parameters that have prognostic value for health, such as the degree of adiposity, assessed by simple measurement of waist circumference (usually less than 90 cm in women and 100 cm in men). The doctor may also measure using a compass skinfold thickness in different areas of the body (abdomen, shoulder, hip) in order to assess the importance of body fat.

successfully lose weight

You better understand to a better therapeutic approach
The first consultation is essential because it allows the practitioner to not only specify the type of obesity in question but also and especially to assess the factors that may have contributed to your being overweight: a history of obesity in the family, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or, more unusually, thyroid disease … The examination is usually long and detailed because the decision to lose weight and start a diet should never be taken lightly. Continue reading “To successfully lose weight, you better be well followed in the medical”

Better manage his diabetes daily

Monitoring of blood glucose, special food, physical activity… To better manage his diabetes on a daily basis, the drugs are not sufficient. Head of the Department of diabetes to the CHU Grenoble, Pr Halimi returned on these boards and the difficulties to follow.

Doctissimo: Is self-monitoring of blood glucose necessary for management of diabetes?
PR. Halimi : In type 2 diabetes (which is not insulin), the question at the bottom that is: “A what is self-monitoring?”. Then, I am absolutely, very favourable to self-monitoring, either I think it is better to do very little or not at all. Why these 2 ideas?


Is done if truly it is used, if the patient is able to understand why it does, that is that it gives it as information, so that he understands why the blood sugar rises or drops, what is the benefit of such situation and as caregivers watch the results and take the teaching time of analysis of things. In these conditions, self-monitoring is useful, helpful and she both improves metabolic outcomes and the quality of life of patients. Continue reading “Better manage his diabetes daily”

Diabetic underestimate the risks

Diabetes, patients are too often careless. Yet, only a good control of blood glucose to prevent serious complications. A European survey that too few patients are aware of the importance of such an approach1.

Type 2 diabetes is epidemic proportions in Western countries. The magnitude of this scourge, should prevent the occurrence of disease but also its complications when it is diagnosed. Only regular monitoring of blood sugar to prevent serious consequences: cardiovascular disease, eye problems, nervous, renal, amputation.

Diabetic risk

To avoid serious complications
Control of blood glucose, antidiabetic treatment and modification of the hygiene of life (nutrition and physical activity primarily) can control the disease and prevent the occurrence of severe complications. But between theory and practice, there is a gap which concerned about very many specialists. Today, diabetes type 2 oral antidiabetic Treaty is far from always well controlled: in France, 34 and 46 percent of patients treated with oral medications have glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C) greater than 8%. Continue reading “Diabetic underestimate the risks”