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Arteries in three dimensions

We all have our arteries age. Known, these vessels may be, at the age of twenty, atherosclerosis-prone fats coming to settle within their walls. British scientists come to open a new avenue to explore. Thanks to their work, you can now get an image in three dimensions of the large arteries without trauma no, what […]

Cardiac surgery: stents, a cure worse than the disease?

When a coronary artery becomes clogged, a small mesh called stent can there be inserted in order to keep it open. The last broadcast drugs reduce the risk of a new blockage. But today, these devices are accused of increasing mortality in the long term. Fatty plaque formation in the arteries can lead to the […]

Stroke: what you need to know

The stroke is an abrupt shutdown of the blood flow to the brain. Vascular accidents are mostly secondary. They are due to either a clot located directly into the artery (and it does three times out of four), hemorrhage, is kind of breach of the walls of the vessel. Of course, their severity depends on […]