Lower back pain treatment

Recently, 35% of the French reported suffering low back pain during the last twelve months. “Kidney tour” or “kidneys stewed”, the causes can be many, hence the importance of a good diagnosis. Detail the origins of the lower part of the back pain.

The scenario is unfortunately too classic: you bend to lace up your shoes, an electric shock through the leg. Your back simply comes to remember you making you foot the Bill for the many years of neglect and reckless effort.

Lower back pain treatment

Neuralgia of lumbar origin: of lumbago in the herniated disc
When you have a neuralgia of lumbar origin, it is often the core of the vertebral disc – or a fragment of it – just be expelled from the fibrous ring. This action releases enzymes (including phospholipase A2) to very strong inflammatory power. The pain would be, first and foremost, the result of inflammation of the nerve root by these enzymes. Continue reading “Lower back pain treatment”

Back pain: the computer cleared!

Sitting long hours in front of your computer, it is not uncommon that your back playing you tricks. Often accused, work on screen is responsible for these recurrent pain? The point with Doctissimo.

More than one French out of four suffers from back and eight out of ten will suffer during their lifetime. In 2000, a poll by le Parisien showed amazing frequency of this disorder: 27% of men and 36% of women regularly feel back pain1.

Back pain

The first cause of absence from work
Far from being trivial, chronic low back pain is a major cost for patients and the health system as a whole. The last ten years study assessed expenses related to these pains in France between 1.5 to 2 billion euros per year, of which EUR 500 million for the per diem related2 work stoppages. Continue reading “Back pain: the computer cleared!”

When the stress is not good back

Stress is bad for the nerves, were already known. A US study indicates that it could play a role in the occurrence of backache, especially in the inward-looking people.

Stress has long been suspected to cause back problems. Stressed people focus it more on their symptoms or then their nervousness leads it them to not use their muscles so contractures and pain? A quite original study, published in the medical journal, Spine, slice clearly support this second hypothesis and suggests that some temperament are much more exposed to this type of pathology.

good back

The authors, who work at the University of the State of Ohio, in the United States, have selected a small group of 25 students and assessed their main personality traits, to clarify in particular if they were introverted (little expressing their feelings) or outgoing. They then asked these young people to raise a load of 12 kg, at a given rate. A lumbar belt equipped with electrodes could observe what muscles were engaged in this exercise. Continue reading “When the stress is not good back”


Episodes often without gravity, but very painful, acute low back pain or lumbago resolve within 10 days with paracetamol and a bit of rest. It should be recognized the rare cases where a medical consultation is essential.

-Recognizing an acute low back pain
-Acute low back pain: a more rapid disappearance
-For acute low back pain: is to deal effectively and safely
-For acute low back pain, avoid absolute rest in bed
-A medical consultation may however be useful for back pain


Recognizing an acute low back pain

An acute low back pain is a recent back pain that lasts for less than three months (according to the internationally accepted definition), reached the bottom of the back or sometimes the top of the buttocks, and sometimes descends along a two thighs, never exceed the level of the knees (if this pain down below the knee, talking lombo-sciatica or sciatic pain). Acute means only “recent”, but often back pain occur suddenly, in an effort (for example while trying to raise a weight), and are very violent, giving the impression of a serious disease (referred to as sometimes lumbago )). Continue reading “LUMBAGO, ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN, A VERY PAINFUL BACK PAIN”


Physiotherapy, Mezieres, osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, method of alternative medicine which can cure back. Choose them, he need to know them. Update on their specificities and their practices.

-Treat the back by alternative medicine
-Physiotherapy and Mezieres method
-Osteopathy, a science and an art
-Chinese medicines, another alternative?
-To the self-treatment with the McKenzie method
-The chiropractic, remedy or bluff?
-Going to a spa treatment
-Take your hand back!


Treat the back by alternative medicine

Eight out of 10 people have suffered, suffer or will suffer from a back pain. Continue reading “HOW TO TREAT HIS BACK, WHILE SMOOTH?”