Asthma: The good treatment

All “piping” children become not asthma in adulthood, but sometimes the asthma persists. In this case, better to heal properly, to live as comfortably as possible.

The key to a ‘normal’ life is in control, by knowledge of your risk factors for triggering attacks and an appropriate substantive treatment. The latter can therefore vary depending on your symptoms.


A basic treatment for a lifetime
Unless asthma manifests that very punctually, in contact with animals for example or in a House of friends, truffle mold or mites, substantive processing is essential. According to molecules, this medication will daily, decrease inflammation and dilate the bronchial tubes. Continue reading “Asthma: The good treatment”

The child asthma

Asthma is extremely common in children, especially in infants. Early diagnosis allows to avoid a worsening of the disease and persistence of symptoms. Weapons: an appropriate treatment and a few adjustments enabling him to live a normal life.

In a decade, the incidence of asthma has doubled in most industrialized countries. Children are the first victims of this upsurge, since it is accepted that in half of the cases, the disease starts before the age of five years. This is the most common chronic diseases of childhood asthma.

 The child asthm

One in ten children is concerned
Asthme enfantIn addition, it is likely that a large number of mild forms remain unknown. A study in Parisian schools in 1994, indicated that 6.1% of students in grades 3 had a known asthma and that 10.9% regularly had respiratory symptoms for at least one year, although the diagnosis of asthma has ever made. In addition, the measurement of peak expiratory flow rate (reflecting characteristic of asthma, bronchial obstruction) revealed abnormally low results for 13.4% of children. Continue reading “The child asthma”

Asthma: contributing factors

Affecting 300 million people, asthma is the most common chronic disease in the world. But its origin remains partly mysterious. It is estimated today that this disease does not have a single cause but stems from several factors.

Genetic predisposition, allergies, respiratory infections, passive smoking… Discover the factors favouring the appearance of asthma.

child asthma

Genetic predisposition
Asthme facteurs favorisantsAsthma is related to hereditary factors, as sometimes evidenced by a large number of people within the same family. Studies on twins and sick families stressed a significant genetic influence in its development. Have a double asthmatic parent indeed the risk to suffer also. But it is impossible to say it is a hereditary disease, because there is no single gene responsible. In the context of this heterogeneous disease, the contribution of a single gene appears even minimal. Continue reading “Asthma: contributing factors”

Predict and measure his asthma

The peak expiratory flow rate is a measure of the breath when air soon resumes bronchus. Simple, easy and fast, this measure is necessary to follow the evolution of the disease and adapt the treatment. Regular measurements can also predict a crisis.

The dynamics of the breath is an essential parameter in asthma because the reduction of the calibre of the bronchi characterizing the asthma attack must be quantifiable right away. The comparative measurement of respiratory volumes as well as respiratory force in crisis and in normal times is therefore a necessity for monitoring and the adaptation of an asthma treatment.

measure his asthma

Principle (e) t use on peak flow-meter
The peak expiratory flow (PEF) is a measure of the breath through the air flow that a subject is able to expel from his lungs as soon as possible during a forced expiration. In crisis, this throughput decreases significantly. Continue reading “Predict and measure his asthma”

The substantive treatment of asthma

Unlike the treatment of the crisis that brings immediate relief, substantive treatment should be taken on a regular basis in order to control the symptoms and reduce the number of crises. These drugs can also prevent degradation of lung function over time.

Background processing is the only way to effectively reduce the number, duration and intensity of the crisis. It takes as long as lasts disease and is based on daily doses of drugs that will act in depth on the phenomena of asthma.

treatment of asthma

The different available treatments
Background processing relies primarily on an anti-inflammatory to reduce the hyperresponsiveness and airway inflammation. These two components of asthma must absolutely be controlled to curb the deterioration of the disease. The products are the inhaled corticosteroids, the Inhaled cromones or antileukotrienes. Continue reading “The substantive treatment of asthma”

The asthma

Asthma is a potentially serious condition. If it is not treated in the day day, risks of severe attacks greatly increase. Asthma drugs are numerous and varied. Doctissimo made the point on the different classes used, their role and their mode of action.

Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by episodes of breathing difficulty. It is due to problems at the level of the bronchi:


-A hyper-reactivity;
-Local inflammation;
-A decrease in diameter = bronchoconstriction.
Treatment of asthma is therefore designed to combat these disorders. To combat the hyper-reactivity and local inflammation bronchial, anti-inflammatory drugs and allergy are drugs of choice. For bronchoconstriction, of drugs to dilate the bronchial tubes will be effective: bronchodilators. Continue reading “The asthma”

Allergy to the doctor’s Office testing

These methods have a real craze since fifteen years. Their safety, speed of the answers they provide, the possibility of multiplying them, make a precious auxiliary of allergic Diagnostics.

What are they?
The tests have to interest to simulate visibly, on the skin, the conflict generated by the allergic sensitization within the body.The tests come as a result of the clinical investigation by the practitioner. If sometimes the diagnostic orientation is evoked by the simple Clinic: hay typical fever, asthma to animal dander or dust mites, food urticaria or medicated, in many cases several factors to varix and complicate the process. Increasingly, physicians are faced this type of situation and must refine their diagnosis.

Allergy to the doctor's

Technique tests
The most commonly applied tests to the cabinet of the practitioner are patches (patch tests) and epidermal tests (prick-tests). Continue reading “Allergy to the doctor’s Office testing”