Virtual reality heals real phobia

Virtual air routes, of the virtual sliders, bridges virtuels… No, you are not in any park attractions but in treatment of phobias. These new ways could help patients manage their unhealthy fears more rapidly, and at lower cost than with conventional techniques.

At the annual convention of the American Association of psychology, researchers say that virtual reality could be a major advantage to overcome the fear of flying.

real phobia

Immediate boarding

Before the crash of the Concorde, a French five admitted being afraid to fly. This is the cause of great anxiety for people to travel, work or vacation. Traditional therapy aims to bring the patient to overcome his anxieties by mentally recreating the object of his phobia. Now “these patients can overcome their anxiety by attending therapy sessions with innovative ways to virtual reality”, said the team of Prof. Samantha Smith (read the interview )). Continue reading “Virtual reality heals real phobia”