Zona: when worries lurk

Generally very painful, herpes zoster is an acute dermatosis of viral origin. Opportunity to see how a small officer infection of four letters, benign in appearance, may our skin a real hell.

Most of us carry the herpes zoster virus. Origin: chicken pox! EH Yes, primary infection, this first contact, occurs during early childhood: varicella-zoster viruses do one.

worries lurk

Dr. Jekyll in childhood, Mister Hyde in adults
When chickenpox, the virus penetrates and multiplies in the airway and past in the blood then reaches the skin, its main target. There, it induces a characteristic vesicular rash in the form of small droplets. Once the rash is gone, the virus settles in sensory nerve ganglia (spinal posterior, cranial, dorsal roots) where it will remain permanently. Continue reading “Zona: when worries lurk”