The antidependance vaccine is nearby!

Recent discoveries have allowed better understanding of the mechanisms of drug dependence. Thanks to these advanced therapies appear at hand. Among the most promising, the development of a “antidependance vaccine” would fall under more science fiction.

Coffee, alcohol, tobacco, cocaine… and if a vaccine could tomorrow make you spend your bad habits and your dependencies?… The idea is not recent, but researchers have never been as close to the goal.

antidependance vaccine

A sting against cocaine
It is in the 1970s that American scientists are considering for the first time the possibility of a vaccine against the drug. Before the arrival of methadone, this research axis receives a favourable response on the part of concerned parents for their offspring in full hippie period. But different tests for heroin ultimately proved inconclusive. Fortunately, its support is currently based on effective treatments: Subutex and methadone. Continue reading “The antidependance vaccine is nearby!”