Allergy to the doctor’s Office testing

These methods have a real craze since fifteen years. Their safety, speed of the answers they provide, the possibility of multiplying them, make a precious auxiliary of allergic Diagnostics.

What are they?
The tests have to interest to simulate visibly, on the skin, the conflict generated by the allergic sensitization within the body.The tests come as a result of the clinical investigation by the practitioner. If sometimes the diagnostic orientation is evoked by the simple Clinic: hay typical fever, asthma to animal dander or dust mites, food urticaria or medicated, in many cases several factors to varix and complicate the process. Increasingly, physicians are faced this type of situation and must refine their diagnosis.

Allergy to the doctor's

Technique tests
The most commonly applied tests to the cabinet of the practitioner are patches (patch tests) and epidermal tests (prick-tests). Continue reading “Allergy to the doctor’s Office testing”