To successfully lose weight, you better be well followed in the medical

Losing weight is not easy and not always without risk. So better go see a serious practitioner to be well supported in the medical field. It will help you establish an effective plan of action for achieving your goals. In terms of overweight, as to leave nothing to chance!

In our society, thinness is the ideal rule. The definition of overweight is still very different for health professionals from the magazines. To your doctor if you are overweight your body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25 ( Calculate your body mass index ). Go see a doctor you will appreciate to its proper level the importance of your overweight. Your doctor may also take into account other clinical parameters that have prognostic value for health, such as the degree of adiposity, assessed by simple measurement of waist circumference (usually less than 90 cm in women and 100 cm in men). The doctor may also measure using a compass skinfold thickness in different areas of the body (abdomen, shoulder, hip) in order to assess the importance of body fat.

successfully lose weight

You better understand to a better therapeutic approach
The first consultation is essential because it allows the practitioner to not only specify the type of obesity in question but also and especially to assess the factors that may have contributed to your being overweight: a history of obesity in the family, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or, more unusually, thyroid disease … The examination is usually long and detailed because the decision to lose weight and start a diet should never be taken lightly.

Weight loss causes a change in body image, which can be a source of psychological problems among frail, and a careful practitioner should always ensure that the time is right before you propose to help you lose weight. There is little to lose 10-15 pounds if the price of a depression … When obesity is not a risk to life, but is essentially a source of psychological suffering, priority can also be fighting against social rejection and restore self-image rather than fight against the pounds. Do not be surprised if the doctor who receives you, ask you in detail how you live your overweight and even if you advise undertaken before or simultaneously with a conventional treatment approach psychological.

When overweight threatens your health
During the first interview, the practitioner will also appreciate the potential dangers posed your overweight for your health and it will look especially factors that might contribute to increase the impact of overweight on your cardiovascular system (hypertension, diabetes .. .). An impact on the system joints (osteoarthritis of the hips and knees), respiratory problems, sleep apnea, are also factors that come into play in the selection and modulate therapeutic care, which is never limited to weight loss.

Some basic tests such as blood glucose, lipid profile, or sometimes additional tests may therefore be prescribed during the first consultation. At the end of the interview, the general practitioner will ask you to undertake a nutritional survey with a dietician. For one week, you will note in a notebook all the foods you eat each day during meals, which will identify any errors and help you diet, thereafter, to correct them.