Streamline the legs and thighs

One problem that plagues the mind of most of the girls, and that is the subject of many letters with requests for advice, is to have your thighs are too big, or not to have good legs. Especially in a time like this, when we go around the shops dreaming coming holidays, and choosing the costumes that we wear at the beach, the problem arises in all its importance.

Let’s say that the ‘thighs’ as you call them in the letters that we write is a very subjective issue. There are girls who do not care, and probably are good for them, and girls who instead are desperately seeking advice to lose weight and slim legs.

Streamline the legs

In this short article we address the issue in a logical manner, framing it and above all trying to identify those that may be the most simple and practical remedies for those looking for some advice on how to streamline your legs, perhaps even ahead of the holidays.

Do not forget, first, that our genetic inheritance plays an important role, crucial in determining our physical structure. So we first have to be realistic. Needless to dream of having long legs and slender if our structure is different from what we would like. And keep in mind the fact that women naturally tend to accumulate fat in precisely those areas (do not we go in physiology, which is a somewhat ‘too technical) including legs. So: down to earth. Let us not be led by the nose by advertising, images, sensations, and promises that do nothing but widen the gap between the ‘normal’ people and those seemingly perfect that we should look at all costs.

That said, however, it is clear that there can be many things to do to improve the appearance of our legs. Diet and exercise and a serious and constant care of our bodies can do wonders. Or almost. There are two main factors that determine the size and shape of the legs: the fat and muscles. Toning their muscles but not ingrossandoli, and burn excess fat deposits: this, in short, the secret to slim legs. Other, apart from surgery, you can not do. Here’s how.

1. Diet. The first thing to do, if you think you have big thighs too is to check the diet. Eating too much and badly, is very often at the root of many problems related to the accumulation of excess fat. In this case, to follow a balanced and controlled diet is definitely the most useful advice that can be given, together with the advice not to follow diets ‘do it yourself’ but to turn to a professional who can assess the overall picture, and prepare a appropriate diet to your specific needs. The more general advice you can give is to watch out for fatty and fried foods, sweets and fizzy drinks, and fragmenting into several meals (even 5 or 6) the traditional rhythm of daily breakfast – lunch – dinner.

2. Exercise. Important not only for our health in general, but also for those who are trying to recover the lost form. The advice is to join a gym to get serious and prepare a training schedule that takes into account the objectives, and that is realistic. If you are not willing to subscribe to the gym, or can not, then try to do it at home, with exercises, and physical activity (which may also be constituted by long walks and bike rides) regular and adequate (meaning in words poor at least half an hour of physical activity four or five times a week). A council tried with good results? Walk, walk, and once again … Walk!

3. If you train at home or in the gym, one of the most suitable exercises for the thighs and legs in general are squats and lunges on alternating legs in place, to do with light weights or even – more – without weights, just what your body. Search Google these exercises to learn the proper execution. Remember to use light weights to avoid stimulating the muscles to swell. We want to tone up and burn, do not swell.

4. Remember that there is a way to reduce fat only where we want to hit. Make no mistake, there is no ‘magic bullet’. So slimming leg passes through a slimming and toning a muscle that covers, for better or worse, the whole body.

5. Drink plenty of fluids (lots of water!). If you exercise regularly remember to integrate the fluid you lose through sweating, and even minerals. Do not be afraid of the urban legends about water retention, drinking water will not make you fat!

6. If you suffer from cellulite … it is also important to address this problem, but for this we refer to a specific article. Click here (cellulite) . and also here (tips for those who suffer from cellulite) .

7. Massage (or automassaggi). Massages can help, have a drainage function, help the local circulation, and with a little ‘luck you can find creams that can help. But do not expect miracles. In any case, if among the many things to do there also are contemplating a course of massage … will not make you evil.

8. The cosmetic surgery. As a last resort, if everything listed above has not yet produced the desired results. Speaking to a specialist serious and capable, of course. And thinking always very good, because surgery is never a joke.

But above all: Do not get stressed too. Do not let it become an obsession. Those that you can possibly look like thick thighs are perfectly normal for most other people. Try to have a mature approach to the problem, assuming that the problem is.