Stop smoking, choose what method?

It is the day J, you decided to quit smoking. Alone or accompanied, with or without consultation in a tobaccologist withdrawal methods are many. How to choose one that you should be? Doctissimo asked Dr. Veronique Peim tobaccologist and attached hospitals of Paris, his advice to not be mistaken.

When it is smoking, it is never easy to choose “” method to his habits, his behaviour, his addiction, the method that will stop serenely, limiting the risk of relapse.

Stop smoking

Each smoker is unique
One might think that there are large categories of smokers and that a rapid classification would determine the best method to these groups. It is false. Every smoker is different and how to quit will not be your neighbor or even spouse. Indeed, it is difficult to say that a method is better than another. Dr. Peim adds however, that “the emergence of Nicotinic substitutes democratized smoking cessation treatments, because they require neither order nor specific consultation.” “Drugs on the other hand impose a passage to the doctor”.

To determine the most suitable method, should focus on the history of the smoker. He already stopped, what, how? Has it been followed by a physician? He was satisfied with the result? If this did not work, what is the reason? Want to start over with the same method or rather radically? Multiple selection factors and will have to analyze the situation. That the patient chooses to see a specialist or to wean alone, he must first ask these questions and respond to choose its method.

Use substitutes
Nicotinic substitutes work very well, if they are well used. Dr. Peim recalled that to be effective the patches, tablets, or gum must be used for the fair determination: If the amount of nicotine is insufficient, alternatives, be they will not have the desired effect. Important second element: the operating instructions must be followed to the letter: gum, for example, are not chewing gum and sometimes you have to remove the patch at night.

The use of each alternative depends on the smoker and are type of dependence. To find the right solution, do not hesitate to seek advice from the pharmacist or a doctor. The one and the other will be able to explain and to advise the smoker the best method to his case.

If the person who wants to quit smoking has already decided to treatment it wished to employ, and if there is no medical contraindication, there’s no reason that the doctor refused. On the other hand, must fight against the a priori and well explain that all methods are effective if they are well employed.

Stop abruptly or gradually
While yesterday, it was thought that only the total judgment of tobacco led to the success, we know that a gradual withdrawal is possible. And there again, with each, may choose the most appropriate method.

For Dr. Peim, “is often very anxiety-producing for a smoker to stop abruptly and this stress may be synonymous with failure.” It may be relevant to first remove the cigarette of the day. All smokers who work know how to descend the 25 floors of Office 10 times per day for smoking may be binding… “The use of substitutes in the day will pass these cigarettes and to gradually move towards a total judgment.”

Regardless of the method chosen, the person who decides to quit must become the main actor of his withdrawal. Good timing, the correct approach belonged to him. It is a guarantee of success.