Tips to stop smoking quickly

Smoking is recognized as the cause of many major health conditions, including cancer, by most health organizations. It is advisable for those who smoke, quit. Some people stop smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes gradually, but others quit suddenly and immediately. For the latter group, there are some tips that can help to stop smoking quickly.


Give your day change and prevents the same routine. It is very easy to do the same things every day, especially when most people have to go to the same places at the same time every day. The routine facilitates bear the same every day, too, for example, during a break from work. If you always go out and break time to clear your mind, try to go for a walk inside the building in place, or make a quick call to a friend or family member.

quit smoking quickly

If you always go out with the same friends at the same places after work, try to go to a new restaurant or new activities. You can also attend festivals or fairs to meet new people. This does not mean you have to abandon your old friends and activities, it simply means you’re trying to avoid the familiarity associated with your smoking habits.



Get support. People who understand what you’re trying to do or who have been there before can offer words of encouragement as you go through the withdrawal symptoms. You can also listen to you when you’re anxious or doubts about your ability to give. This makes it much more likely that your attempt to quit smoking suddenly successful. In fact, the support of friends or family, while the education on smoking, triple the odds of success, which is only 10% without support. Then, find friends or family members who can support you and help you back from temptations.


Get your cravings perspective. Cravings can be difficult to overcome, but the fact is, they do not stay forever. The average cravings stage lasts 3 minutes. After that, it’s more about familiarity with the habit, it is a mental rather than a physical struggle. On average, people who are trying to quit the cigarette suddenly have only 36 minutes of actual physical fight, based on the average of 12 daily cravings. Take each of those cravings at once, and concentrate on the fact that you will have 1404 minutes of not having smoked. You also realize you are no longer able to smoke for most of the day and used that success to motivate those 36 minutes remaining.