The specificity of dry skin We know, dry skin lacks lipids, but not only. To determine your skin type and twist the neck to popular belief, discover the tips Doctissimo.

It is important to distinguish pathological dry skin and dry skin physiology. The latter, constitutive and genetic, may also be related to climate or some diet. Dry skin for all skin tones and is found on all continents. And winter, between 30 and 40% of women suffer from dry skin.

Dry skin is primarily a skin overdue, which feels, shoots and is uncomfortable. It tends to look dull and sad. It is rough to the touch, may have scaly, whitish streaks on the surface and even areas of redness, which translate well linflammation lirritation and characteristics of this skin type.

Dry Skin

And contrary to what one might expect, young women under 20 years (usually more often victims of acne and sebum dexces) can be confronted.

Dry, mature skin and misconceptions

Like dry skin very easily identified with its many symptoms, mature skin can be defined from two broad categories of criteria:

– The appearance of wrinkles, which begins at the eye and spreads based on the musculature and bone architecture;
– Loss of firmness, which can sajouter the heterogeneity of the complexion or the appearance of spots.

And Veronique Delvigne, Scientific Director Lancôme International, it is difficult to say at what age you can start talking about mature skin because “you can absolutely have a very good quality of skin in 50 years.” According to her, mature skin may not be drier than younger skin . Rather than give an age to mature skin, it would be more appropriate to differentiate the type of skin aging. They are of two categories:

– Intrinsic aging, means the natural aging affecting every organ. It is characterized by cellular degeneration and mutations that can cause cell death.

– Extrinsic aging as its name suggests includes all external factors involved in skin aging such as overexposure to UV, tobacco abuse and / or dalcool, nutritional deficiencies and / or hormonal …

For the scientist, there is no difference between young skin and mature skin in the clinical expression of dry skin . Only the symptoms of skin aging such as lack of firmness, the heterogeneity of the complexion and wrinkles will sajouter mature dry skin.

How to choose a dry skin care?

It is known that dry skin and fine mark faster the first signs of the times that oily and thick. Maximum delay for the effects of passing time, so it is important to moisturize daily and his skin moisturizer to his dassocier of sera with active anti-stain, anti-aging targeted: DHEA, AHA, derivatives of vitamin A (retinol) , hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, Pro-Xylan … It is also possible to opt for care in a 2 which will act both as drought on skin aging like the facial cream activator Génifique Nutrics Youth and Nutrition Lancôme.

If until now we knew the role of lipids in the prevention of dry skin, Lancôme research has highlighted the role of proteins by demonstrating that 10 genes (2-ceramide lipid-protein deficient and 8 ) were also involved in skin dryness. By restructuring the cell protein and by acting on the lipid matrix that is lacking in dry skin, this new treatment normalizes transgenerational dry skin young and even more surprising effects on mature skin by delivering their genes to work. There is therefore no age to delay the signs of age …!