How to date someone with HIV

Are you interested in dating someone who has HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)? Although some people choose to go out with individuals who are infected with HIV, others find it difficult to get involved with someone who has the virus. Dating someone with HIV is a personal choice, but it is something that you must feel comfortable to do so. There are some things you should do if you’re going out with someone with HIV.



Meet the person you’re interested in dating. If you consider dating someone with HIV, you should take some time to really know the person and find out about their interests , likes, dislikes and goals. It is important to build a strong friendship with that person before interacting with it seriously. Also, be sure not to engage in any sexual activity at the beginning of the relationship.

Take time to update your knowledge on HIV. You can find information on the Internet , visit a library books and materials, or holding a health center to pick up leaflets and brochures on HIV. This can help you better understand the virus before developing a closer relationship or intimate with someone who has HIV.

Talk to your potential partner about their status. Find out about your illness, how often doctor visit, how many medications you take, you have experienced side effects from the medicine, current viral load and count white blood cells. This can give you a perspective on the severity of your illness, daily update and what might be expected of you as a couple.

Discusses the future of the relationship and be honest about your concerns. If you decide to date someone with HIV, it is important to discuss your feelings and concerns with that person. Determines the type of relationship you want to have (as a casual date, an intimate relationship or something long term with the possibility of marriage) and make sure the other person wants the same as you.

Use protection when participating in sexual activities. HIV is transmitted through infected blood, semen and vaginal secretions, so it’s important to protect yourself if you’re going to participate in any sexual activity with an infected person (such as vaginal, anal and oral). Be sure to use a latex condom every time you have sex with someone who has HIV.

Know your HIV status. If you are involved with someone who has HIV, you should get tested for HIV at least once every six months. Your doctor may do it, or you can get tested at the local clinic.

Provides emotional support to your partner. Let your partner know that you are there for her and Encourage her to open up and talk to you. Also, be sure to accompany her to medical appointments whenever possible. This will show your partner that you are really caring and that you care about your health.