Slim to 20 years

At age 20, it may eliminate some kilos or erase small deviations nutritional adolescence … It is often easier to lose weight when you are young, it must at all costs avoid mistakes! Doctissimo advice to regain your figure …

Many young women are too fat as they do not fit into jeans “S” or clothing size 36 … We must learn to accept having the female form, and not (or no longer) respect the canons Fashion pornography.

Slim to 20 years

But you can lose a few pounds simply want to feel better about yourself, more in tune with yourself. Why not, as long as one remains within reasonable limits to stay healthy. It is also a perfectly legitimate desire if we left a few extra pounds settle insidiously on the buttocks or hips after a few drifts to chocolate or biscuits … But before starting a diet calculate your index body mass , it will let you know if you are really overweight.

Your assets
Your best asset is definitely motivation. And also the ability of your body to lose weight: it is always easier when you’re young!

The winning strategy
Slimming your business can give you the opportunity to reorganize your diet, eat less unstructured manner. This is the time to break the power “teenager”, and acquire good references for light and healthy food: An excellent way to successfully keep the line in the future!

Pitfalls to avoid:
Going too fast and too narrow
It’s true, you support without too much trouble fatigue regime (too) severe. But then you have every chance of gaining weight as soon as the terminated plan. And there are real risks of nutritional deficits can cause cuts and resistance form.
Reduce or eliminate meat and products in this group
Even if you prefer a vegetarian type diet, it is always best to at least preserve fish and seafood menus: they are, with the meat, the best sources of iron well assimilated. This consumption is even more important, according to various surveys, 10 to 15% of girls and young women suffer from iron deficiency and fatigue associated with it.
Eat Smart!
Cravings, minimart? Know provide “anti-nibbling” smart …

For example:
Stewed fruits without sugar;
A cup of cottage cheese lean;
A light yogurt or fruit;
A bowl of vegetable soup;
A few slices of low-fat cheese;
Small radishes or cherry tomatoes.

A light dairy product: a bowl of skim milk or yogurt or cottage cheese 100 g lean, or 30 g fat cheese, or 2 servings of low-fat cheese with 25% fat;
A cereal product: 40 to 50 g of bread, crackers or 2-3, or 2-3 small Swedish crisp bread, or 5-6 tablespoons of cereal non resucrées (depending on appetite and activity);
A crude: a raw fruit or fruit juice non resucré;
A beverage: coffee, tea, chicory … (with sweetener if desired);
If you can not take a lunch rich enough, add 50 g of ham or lean cold meat or a boiled egg, or 40 g fat cheese.
Your main meals (lunch and dinner)


A portion (approximately 100 g net) of lean meat, poultry or fish or 2 eggs;
Cooked vegetables (in season, canned or frozen) in abundance;
A light dairy product (see breakfast);
Crudity (vegetables or fruit).

A little starchy foods (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta …) based appetite and activity;
A vegetable soup;
Cooked fruits (unsweetened).

Use little fat, but eat every day 2 to 3 teaspoons of oil and 10 g of butter.

you can take a fruit or a dairy product in one meal for a snack.
Remember to drink at least 1 1/2 liters of water a day.
When you have lost the desired amount of weight, make sure to keep a balanced diet as much as possible and banish sodas, pastries and other cakes …