Slender legs

We can not stress this enough. The legs need to be healed. The skin should be toned, moisturized and supple, the hair should not be overlooked and must be properly executed and workouts in the gym are just as important.

Not all have a pair of legs’ to Gisele ‘to show off, but something with a little’ attention and commitment, we can do. Even the gym. We can not extend them, but streamlining , this is absolutely yes. How do? Here are some tips for that already at the gym, or who is thinking about it seriously.

Slender legs

1) To streamline and tone your legs need to redefine our whole way of life. From power supply to workouts. Totally. What the Anglophone called “spot reduction” and the sense of acting with the workouts and diet on a well-defined area of the body (like, I just want to reduce the fat on your knees …) is unfortunately a myth …

2) Avoid at all costs using weights that are too heavy. Do not want to stimulate muscle growth, but tone.

3) Also avoid exercises too ‘full’ as the squat or leg press, if you still want to run them using very light weights. Favors those machines that allow you to isolate muscle groups such as leg extensions for the front, the leg curl for the back, and then those machines that allow you to train in isolation of the inner thigh muscles, the external ones, and buttocks. Every gym should be provided.

4) Perform the exercises in a rhythmic manner, always controlled. Do not ever get tired at all, by always running.

5) Do not neglect the aerobic exercises (matting, steppers, stationary bikes) but still not too much. Best 40 minutes of mild aerobic exercise rather than 5 minutes too intense (as you do sometimes see …)

6) If you have the chance, and the budget allows, a series of drainage massage to the legs may help. If your budget does not allow it … try to do it alone or try to bribe in order to give your partner a hand (the way to bribe is always …)

7) Stretching before and after workouts. To prevent snagging, and contractures, and to stimulate the leg muscles with some stretching exercise.

8 ) Diet. Rich in vegetables, fiber, and especially water. A clean and balanced diet is very important if you are working on the shape of your legs.

9) Do not neglect to also train the upper body. And the abs …

10) Do not lose heart if the results come quickly. Set yourself realistic goals, even according to your body structure. Reward yourself every time you reach a successful intermediate result.