“MOM, I want to vomit!”: it is by these words is the sickness in children. In this case, you stop the vehicle on the side of the road, expect that the child has vomited, and then you resume the road in poor conditions, because you already know that things will manage when you will be arrived or that your sick child will lull. But much inconvenience can be avoided by a better understanding of the phenomenon of “evil of transport” and the means to fight.

Useful measures before departure


1 – The child must be rested
The first of the conditions is to make the journey to the child after a good night’s rest. A time of insufficient sleep increases the nauseous phenomena. Also, check it early layer and throw it at the last moment. Unnecessary that he is half asleep at all the preparations.

2 – The stomach must not be empty
Plan a meal hearty enough (breakfast or lunch) so that his stomach is not empty if significant vomiting, making it particularly painful rejection phenomenon. Avoid coffee milk which remains very indigestible. Prefer a breakfast English with fruit and yogurt for the occasion.

3 – Give him an hour before treatment
Then, if your child is often subject to the sickness, plan to give one hour before departure. Drugs pharmacy over-the-counter but by age and contraindications, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist that delivers.

Note here the dermal form that is place as an adhesive bandage on the skin. It may make service when the child has more than 15 years or that it has trouble swallowing tablets. Most of these drugs gives a better acceptance of the trip, but cause marked drowsiness. There is therefore no question to give “in principle” to the family and still less to the driver!

4 – Reduce her apprehension
Reassure the child on the conditions of the trip, because the apprehension that it sometimes conceals accentuates the sickness.

5 – Predict the worst
Plan a special bag random vomiting and towels slightly wetted to wipe. Don’t forget, in the preparation of slightly sweetened beverages to give him after he had vomited.

Identify the runners before signs of nausea
During transport, if evil was unpredictable, try to quickly locate the beginnings of the malaise. It is a nauseous State, associated with mild drowsiness and a feeling of insecurity. At this stage, the child fades. He speaks more. Its quiet should alert you. If nothing is done, follow a few Vertigo with hyper salivation (increased the amount of saliva) and an acceleration of nauseous phenomena.

At that time, gastric pain appear with regurgitation of ingested food a few hours before. The child is pale, sometimes covered with sweat and it was cold. They are sometimes painful vomiting which end the crisis and alleviate the child. There is no point in the fight, because its behavior is entirely organic.