In couple, sharing even the diseases

In addition to the descent of garbage or household, the life two could be other traps. A recent British study, people living in couples are more likely to be suffering from the same disease. This discovery could lead to new strategies for screening.

In the same way as smoking or overweight, two life might be a factor of risk of developing a disease. Indeed, live in couple with a patient would increase the risks of the same diseases and not only infectious diseases.

sharing even the diseases

Live as a couple, it is already a risk!

Maladies et coupleIn 1998, researchers at the University of Nottingham observed that a large number of married couples consulted together for a problem of hypertension and had both high records. To find out if this trend was more widespread, they studied couples which one of the partners was suffering from hypertension. By studying about 4,000 patients older than 30 years, they managed to demonstrate that the partner of the hypertensive has two times more likely to suffer from the same condition. This observation so to highlight the influence of environmental factors in the occurrence of hypertension.

Indeed, many diseases have their origin in the conjunction of genetic factors (predisposition inherited) and environmental (food, pollution, etc.). For many years, doctors seek to separate the contribution of each.

They have this of two major fields of observation:

-The study of identical twins reared in different environments to evaluate the genetic contribution;
-The study of people with no genetic link but sharing the same environment as married couples.

Whether environmental factors could have other major influences, and incidentally if couple life involve other risks, the researchers wanted to expand their first observation to other common diseases.

Asthma, depression and ulcers in pledge of having

A great ambition, great project! Researchers have enlisted 8 386 married couples from a population of 29 014 participants aged 30 to 74 years. In couples, they studied the risk that one of the partners is achieved in the same condition as his spouse. This time, the study has been extended to other diseases which are suspected of having the influence of an environmental mechanism: asthma, depression, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol), ulcère…

After adjustment of variables such as smoking, overweight, obesity, and age, researchers have noted that the partners of patients with depression and gastric ulcers were two times more likely to suffer from the same condition. Asthma, this risk is increased by at least 70%. For other diseases, the results are less significant.