What sexuality for HIV?

How to live a fulfilling sexuality when you are HIV positive? Men and women react the same way? What role can a sex therapist? Dr. Andrew Corman found in practice many people with HIV. It answers questions Doctissimo.

Doctissimo: Is it difficult to live his sexuality today when you are HIV positive?
Dr. Andrew Corman : The biggest problem currently facing the positive is that of listening. They find it difficult to find practitioners who understand, hence the need for them to learn from patient groups and hospital visits for addresses of specialists used to monitor HIV-positive.

What sexuality for HIV

The majority of HIV infections are acquired sexually, being HIV positive often elicits feelings of guilt. However, some doctors are embarrassed by the request of HIV vis-a-vis sexuality patients. They can then adopt negative attitudes projective focusing on medical issues and not giving the sexuality its importance, which makes things even more difficult for patients. We are so far behind countries like the United States or Canada, where the “counseling” is highly developed in terms of sexuality in HIV patients. And it is unfortunate that GPs, who would be best placed to perform an advisory function, rarely do.

In addition, counseling is often useful to help patients cope with their disease and their relationship and sexual problems in daily life, especially people with HIV are often asylum in this regard. But the question of financial support for the psychological and sexual aid. In fact, HIV often prefer to be followed by a practitioner in the city of their choice rather than in a hospital where consultation would be reimbursed by Social Security.

Doctissimo: HIV-positive do they consult frequently for problems related to sexuality?
Dr. Andrew Corman : No, because the network system is not yet well developed yet and they are afraid of being rejected. This is very unfortunate. As sexologists, we can indeed facilitate terribly life, for example, explaining what sexual risk behavior, how best to use condoms or prescribe certain drugs to sexual disorders. Because we operate as a mirror, we also bring a positive outlook that helps HIV to manage their sexual and social life.