How to choose the sex of the baby at conception

Trying to influence the sex of the baby before conception is an ancient practice full of folklore and myths. However, among some of the techniques that are typically applied, there are some whose basis lies in modifying the lifestyle and behavior of the parents-which are actually used by the science of fertility. Couples often desire to choose the sex of your baby and many do their best to achieve it. There are some simple methods and procedure doctor who can provide assistance in this situation and at the same time ensuring a certain way the desired gender. The next tips will help you get familiar with all the possibilities available.

sex of the baby


Submit to the selection of embryos is the only reliable method to predetermine the sex of your baby. Laboratory technicians combine the egg from the mother and the father’s sperm in a Petri dish. After three days of fertilization, a scientist test a microscopic cell from each embryo to determine the sex. The doctor then implanted the embryo chosen in the womb of the mother.


Try some less invasive and less costly to influence the sex of your baby alternatives. Most of these methods rely on the idea that male sperm that carry genetic information swim faster than those containing female genes, but also wear faster and temperature fluctuations affect sperm different types differently.


Method used to determine basal ovulation. To do this, take your body temperature every morning before getting out of bed and note it in a table. When you’re ovulating, the temperature will drop and level off until you have your period. This way, you can program the sexual activity to match the most appropriate time for you to conceive a boy or a girl. See the Resources section for a link to help.


Plan sexual activity as close as possible to the time of ovulation if you want a child. Since sperm that contains nothing faster male genes, there is a greater likelihood that fertilize the egg before you make a sperm with female genetic information. Do the opposite if you want a girl. Programmed sexual activity three or four days before they expect to ovulate and do not have sex within two full days that lasts your ovulation cycle. Hopefully male sperm no longer be competing information and then those female ovum find information more easily.


Buy her underpants tailored to your husband if you want to conceive a girl. The tighter the fabric over the area of ​​the testes, the larger the temperature inside the same glands. The male sperm with genetic information is rapidly lost when the temperature rises. Similarly, if you are trying to conceive a child, your husband should avoid hot baths and wear loose boxer shorts type.


Expected to spend a year or more before you can conceive of applying these methods. Because you are resolutely taking steps to reduce the likelihood that a specific type of sperm to fertilize the egg, the period before conception can be extended significantly.