Sensitive skin and Combination skin

The right moves: Start by emptying your closet cosmetics or store one or two creams. Sensitive skin and allergies are often only support a few specific products. Choose them rather unscented and hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergy. Use mild cleansing lotions and sprays of thermal water. Do not forget to dry your skin by dabbing with a tissue. Use of protective care and soothing regulators of the microcirculation. At night, choose a richer cream and hypoallergenic.

Sensitive skin

Don’ts: Do not exfoliating scrubs or masks that can irritate your skin. Banish soap and toilet rolls to the attack, the dry and make it more responsive. Avoid sudden temperature variations, air-conditioned environments, alcohol and certain foods such as coffee and spices. The cosmetics can cause allergies. To limit the risks, choose them hypoallergenic. Finally, if you should care, stay faithful to him. The frequent changes sensitize the skin.

Combination skin

The right moves: it is the most difficult to treat because it is halfway between the dry skin and oily skin. First, make sure not to assault him with cleaning products too astringent. Use a cleansing milk and non-greasy moisturizer. Apply a cream if needed richer parts of the face driest (cheekbones, temples …). There are now treatments for combination skin that combine hydrating and rebalancing components for controlling the flow of sebum. Adjust your makeup to your skin type, even use two different products (one light and a tinted cream foundation stick bold) as parts of the face.

Combination skin

Don’ts: many women with combination skin sees it as normal and do not bother to treat it. This is a serious mistake, because the combination skin requires as much attention as the others if not more. Do not expose to the weather or the sun without protective cream, do not use hard water or soap and opt for non-alcoholic lotions for cleaning.