Bone cancers represent malignancies developing inside the bones. Are differentiated primary cancers of bone, developed from bone cells, secondary cancers of the bones are actually metastases of another cancer in another part of the body.

-Bone cancer may be the result of bone metastases of another cancer
-Secondary bone cancer bone pain and fractures
-The diagnosis of secondary bone cancer
-Treatments depend on the origin of cancer remote


Bone cancer may be the result of bone metastases of another cancer

Secondary bone cancers are actually bone metastases from cancer of another organ, such as a prostate cancer, thyroid, breast, kidney, lung, etc.. In other words, they are localized cancer that eventually spread to invade the bone, destroying it little by little. Cancer can spread to any bone but they generally do not exceed the elbows and knees. This type of bone cancer, Su bone metastases is called a secondary bone cancer.

Secondary bone cancer bone pain and fractures

Bone metastases are suspected in cases of bone pain, sometimes very intense. It can sometimes feel the presence of a nodule. The cancer cells have the particularity to weaken the bone, the other most common symptom of bone cancer is the occurrence of spontaneous fractures, that is to say in the presence of a minor shock, or even ‘no traumatism. Attention, sometimes a bone metastasis causes symptoms before the cancer is detected remote.

The diagnosis of secondary bone cancer

Thus, any unexplained persistent pain should lead to the achievement of a radiograph. It is rarely sufficient to indicate the type of tumor and must be supplemented by a bone scan (injection of radioactive iodine), a scanner or an MRI. The diagnosis then requires a biopsy by needle into the tumor. Indeed, only the analysis of cells that make up the suspect area reveals the presence of tumor cells. (Note that the biopsy can provide information on the type of tissue behind the tumor remote.)

Treatments depend on the origin of cancer remote

Treatment depends on the type of cancer at the origin of metastases. One can use chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy when it comes to prostate cancer or breast cancer, two hormone-dependent cancers. One can resort to surgery in some cases, for example to remove a bone metastasis localized when the primary cancer was removed. Bone surgery may also help stabilize the bone if high risk of fracture. So here is the treatment of individual cases.