Despite Mexico’s rise as one of the world’s premier dental tourism destinations, dentistry in Mexico still has some people shuddering at the perceived lack of safety because of inadequate training of its dentists, inferior technologies and below-par hygiene standards.

While the Mexico of the past may certainly have given cause for concern in these areas, modern dentistry in Mexico has moved on and competes with the best providers in the world to bring high-quality 21st century dental care to patients at affordable prices.

Dentist Training:

There is some confusion over dentist training in Mexico and that it isn’t as good as in the US or Canada. All dentists must complete general dentist training in order to practice. The difference is that after general dentist training, Mexico dentists are not required to undertake further training in order to specialize.

In reality, the vast majority of them do, especially those treating international patients who want to ensure they are providing good, reliable services to their patients. For this reason, many dentists take further training in the United States in specialist areas, and if successful are eligible for American Dental Association membership which then binds them to exactly the same rules and regulations as their American counterparts, including the requirement for ongoing training throughout their career and having to show they are competent in order to have their license renewed.

Hygiene and Safety:

Globalization has made it easier to compare standards across the globe, and although there is no one international standard that is the benchmark for hygiene and safety, dental clinics do adhere to internationally acknowledged requirements. From autoclaving sterilization equipment, to the use of disinfectant sprays and disposable latex gloves most clinics have protocols and procedures in place for infection control. What’s more, reliable clinics demonstrate this by having international affiliation or certification with recognized institutions such as the American Dental Association, or the International Standards Organization.


Equipment and Materials:

Once thought to be a third-world country with first-world cast-offs and inferior quality materials, there are many dental clinics throughout Mexico whose use of new technology, techniques and materials make first-world dentists look like the poor relations. Dental tourism has brought in money, which is constantly reinvested so services continue to improve and patients get the very best technology and treatments available.

These days, especially at clinics who are geared to serving international patients, it is rarer to find dentists who do not offer professional services on a par with Western countries, but finding out whether a dentist is suitably qualified or what safety measures are in place is still daunting.

Dental Departures simplifies this process, having done all the background checks on these aspects and presented them in an easy-to-use way on their website with dentists in Cancun, Tijuana, Los Algodones, Mexicali and many more destinations.

Dental Departures use a screening process that also includes criminal and malpractice checks, as well as dentist qualifications so patients can get an immediate overview on the suitability of any given dentist, and have the reassurance their dentistry in Mexico will be as safe as can be.