Zone diet, safely during pregnancy

Although weight loss and pregnancy rarely go together, dieting is not always lose weight . An effective weight control during pregnancy can, however, be implemented following a strict dietary strategy while you are pregnant. A useful plan to stay healthy during pregnancy is the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, a balanced approach to nutrition that can help your child develop their optimal capabilities.

safely during pregnancy


History of the Zone Diet
The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears as a simple way to manage food intake. After noticing that individuals passed difficult times managing their portions of macronutrients, Dr. Sears developed an approach in which instructs those who do the diet, the easiest way to ensure that their bodies are fed optimally.

The theory of the area
Practice Zone diet is very simple. In any food indicates you divide your plate into three parts. Two of these parts should be covered with a variety of fruits and vegetables, while the other third should consist of a source of lean protein, such as meat low in fat, chicken, turkey, fish or eggs. Finally, each meal should have some unsaturated fat from avocados, almonds and olive oil.

Zone Diet and Pregnancy
Dr. Sears, creator of the diet plan recommended for mothers if they meet two simple conditions. First, all pregnant women should increase their daily intake to 1,200 calories a day to meet the increased demands of pregnancy. Secondly, mothers who are lactating should increase again your calorie intake further (another 1,000 calories, more or less).


Meeting the requirements of meals
While adding those extra calories to your daily diet can seem like a big challenge, is easier to implement than you think. Just add a “block area” extra protein, carbohydrates and fat in every meal. So while in the regular diet could be just a piece of chicken for dinner, if you are pregnant, consume both.


As you become properly strengthen all macro nutrients intake, the diet of the area should be safe to follow a diet during pregnancy. However, if you are using medicines for weight loss or other medications in conjunction with this diet, you should consult your doctor to see if this will have a potential adverse effect on your baby. Moreover, proponents of the Zone diet recommend that you reduce the consumption of any food that tends to provoke gases, or you find hard to digest, during pregnancy.