3D, safe for the eyes?

Initiated with Avatar, the 3D phenomenon continues to grow. But this technological revolution is harmless to our eyes? The warning from Nintendo advising against the use of its console 3D in very young children sowed doubt… Today, the experts of the French society of Ophthalmology are reassuring.

The phenomenon of the 3D should take far-reaching in years to come. Revolutionary technology, is this breakthrough so safe? Would some people be more sensitive than others? First elements of response not before… 2012.

safe for the eyes

The Visual system is naturally very resistant
December 2010: Nintendo recommends against their new game with images in relief in children less than six years. The argument made: its prolonged use might affect the development of the Visual system. The alert, launched just before Christmas, has what surprise and worry. There is yet no panic! This warning is based on no scientific demonstration, said the French society of Ophthalmology (SFO) that ensures that the age where children begin to play with consoles in 3D, “there are long that the Visual system is structured”. And add: “the Visual system is strong enough to withstand the many requirements that we already been applying it”, as the 3: 30 a.m. daily television (statistics)!

Three-dimensional vision is based on the separate treatment of images between the right and left eye, from a slightly different angle, so that the brain reconstructs the terrain, reminds the Pr Beatrice Cochener, President of the SFO and head of service CHRU Morvan in Brest. In the film, two technologies are used: the sequence of encoded images and assets. Both require special glasses:

Modal glasses for the first technology, the downside is that the quality of the image in three dimensions depends on the position of the viewer in the room;

Active glasses for the second technology, whose definition is excellent, and which is the benefit does not depend on its position in the room and do not cause blurring when one closes one eye.

With smaller surfaces, smartphones and gaming consoles can dispense with glasses: their technology is based on a powerful system of lenses that reconstruct an image by eye in leading this image correctly. The difficulty for manufacturers is to have a number of angles of view sufficiently high to allow an image by angle of view and eye.

Dangers of 3D? A research project will assess the risks
Before this market revolution, the SFO has, as a first step, questioned its experts on the potential risks of the 3D. The absence of data, they are reassuring: “the 3D will exist without damaging the eyes”. They believe however that several risks must be assessed: Visual fatigue, headaches, nausea, blurred vision, disorientation, etc. Patients with oculomoteurs disorders, those with a poor quality of their vision and young children in rehabilitation of amblyopia may represent more sensitive populations.

It is therefore “to analyze and see if everyone will support 3D”, specifies the Pr Cochener. To this end, a national research project started. Title “3D-Comfort & Acceptance: use, comfort and acceptability of the terrain”, it is piloted by Patrick Zucchetta society Doremi (technologies specializing in digital cinema servers). Partners of the project, which is funded by the national agency of research (ANR), the service of ophthalmology in the Morvan CHRU in Brest led by Pr Cochener and the LaTIM (laboratory of Information processing can adapt glasses for each, in service medical Inserm U650) will have for missions to identify populations at risk and adverse environments”, and analyze the brain activation in 3D immersion.””Let’s try to see if all goes well support 3D and see how to adjust glasses for each based on its visual disturbances”. The study should last three years and the first results are not expected before 1 year, says Pr Cochener Doctissimo.

Console 3D: parents to be responsible!
In the meantime, experts of the SFO are appeal to common sense and the responsibility of the parents: “It is certain that let children spend hours before the screen can cause signs of Visual fatigue (watery eyes, headaches, eyes biting).” “In fact, they add, these games are especially harmful for the intellectual and psychological development of the young minds, by their content to the appalling poverty and/or the proselytism of the use of violence”!

Even if this vision a bit Manichean video games remains open to criticism, the advice of good sense on the moderate use of these consoles or 3D televisions are real. Then dear parents, know limit the use of these toys and encourage your children to spend physically. Because if the effects on the view or the psychology of video games are controversial, the consequences of the lack of activity on the overweight and obesity are undeniable.